Tuesday, May 08, 2007

It's a sakai world after all...

Yippee!! Daniel ft Danny's "Yin Wei You Ai" will be broadcasted on air later today! Whoo hoo! Can't wait to hear it. Hope i'll be able to hear it. I'm so excited that I can't sleep at all now when I have 9am class later =_="

Went for Project Superstar Finals last Saturday. Henley vs Orange. I sat with Orange fans of course. But before that I already know who's gonna win. Total votes 620000. Orange 48.5%, Henley 51.5%. Orange's EP sales 16%, Henley 14%. I heard Orange's EP sell until OUT OF STOCK! :) Kwok Fai, Vick, William Sun and a lot of 8tv artists were there as well. Contestants from Wo Yao Zuo Model and last year's Superstar too! Penny Tai and Nicholas Teo were the guest artists. As well as John and Meisim :) But Henley really did a great job, he has the star look, and his stage charisma was good! Orange only lose by a bit! Don't care. Orange, you're still my superstar!

These two weeks that I've worked, I realized that, there's really all sorts of people in this world. Being in this service industry, customer is really the KING. Some are so nice that they thank you all the time, help you to clear the plates on their table; some are so thick skinned to ask for complimentary dessert; some are so damn fcking action that they don't even bother answering you properly when you ask them whether what beverages they want; some are so friendly that they joke with you. Was talking to Edmund about any regrets working in this industry. Hmm, it's tiring, it's tough, it's long hours, it's got shifts, but both of us has NO regrets at all. Ed, meet u at the top yo! Haha!

I must start controlling myself. Stop onlining so much. Stop 'star chasing' so much. I have my own responsibilities already. I'm turning 21 this year. 21 - i'm officially an adult soon. I have my family responsibilities, my studies responsibilities, I have to think of my future plans, my career, my this, my that. Sigh. I don't foresee my own future. Wait, it's i CAN'T foresee my own future. I seriously don't know what i can do, what i want to do. I have my own dreams. But can i achieve it? Competition is horrendous. What if I can't get a job in the future? There are so many jobless people in the world. Met Kevin - my senior yesterday, he's the top student of his batch, but currently he's jobless. Partly bcuz he's from Indonesia, and it's hard to get working permit here it seems. Met Edreena as well, and she's working in the pastry dept in MO. What should I work as? In the kitchen? Logistic? Catering? Fd mgmt?

What if I tell you I'm getting married this year? :)

LOVE can be said as a flavorful set meal. Why? It combines the flavor of sweet, sour, bitter and spicy altogether.
~ When two people are in love with one another, whatever memories they have is SWEET.
~ When a person likes another person, what he/she feels in the heart when he/she knows that the they'll never be together - is SOUR.
~ When a person sees the one he/she love with another person, you can see the BITTERness in his/her eyes.
~ And, when two person are madly in love with each other, the relationship they have is HOT and SPICY.

Haha. Funny huh? :) Do you think so?

My mind is spinning wildly. There's so many things on my mind. Everything, anything. When was the time that I really laughed? When was the time that I really smiled? And when was the time that I said that I'm really happy? ... i can't remember... *Emo again*

~love me for who I am, don't hate me for who I'm not~

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