Wednesday, May 16, 2007

2nd attempt...

Did this just now... Haha... Been designing it for a few days already... I mean, not really design... But imagined the draft of it. I think it's ok. Not bad, not good as well. Just ok. Can be improved.

What you think? =S

Just now cried like hell. Thanks to the farewell video Ostro made. Looking at all the pics we took together, the fun we had together, I'm so gonna miss him when he's in UK. Ostro, can you don't go? ='( Keep in touch ya dude.


Shin Sar said...

Sakai, apa sal you guna those pic he didn't smile 1? There are other better pics le.

Hmm.. why not try to use other ppl's pic, like SS? Hahha.. Just kidding.

You betul-betul semangat le. SALUTE U!

Eebeelinny said...

Memang I plan NOT to use pics that he smile one.

Cool mah... not cool meh? :p SS ar? Let the own SS to SS and make her own la...

Nolah, do for fun only. :p