Monday, May 14, 2007

Freaking hot~

Maaaa turtle! I'm the type of person that seldom complain about hot weather. But the weather these few days are freaking hot!!! Morning wake up also sweating. At night want to sleep also sweating. Before rain so hot. After rain, lagi hot! Grrrr..... No need to on the shower heater also the water is 100 degrees celcius one neh! Joking only la. :p

Speaking of rain. I washed my car just now. And chowwww turtle the sky HAS to rain after I finish wiping my car... Grrrrrr!!! LYZ not here laaaa rain for what?!?!?!? No eye see my car now. Sure lots of water mark on it already. *pengsan*

Really hand itchy wanna cook something... Hehe... next week I shall cook something... whatever... but hah! Not for any of you. Because it sure will turn out not nice. =_="

Today went earlier to college to help deco the Auditorium for French Week. Although only merely 1 1/2 hours, although only putting up the posters, but I had fun. Mr Yeoh seriously I dunno should say funny or lame lah. And the 7 of us worked together to do things together. This is what I like :) I ta-pao roti bakar and milo ais for everyone. So nice, all working and eating together. Reminds me back in secondary school days. I don't know why lah, but I just feel very happy when doing it :) Hehe, I damn weird rite? I know, i know.

Gosh, exam's coming soon and I haven't even start studying yet. So many things to do! So little time!

I wanna go on holiday! Langkawi! Redang! Thailand! Singapore!

Don't know why, these few days i'm craving for buffet eat-all-you-can... Maybe saw the EAYC at Zen and got tempted. So who wants to go have buffet call me ya.. But make sure it's nice buffet lah. Zen Sunday lunch buffet, Chatz Brazzerie Weekend Hi-Tea, Sunway Sun & Surf/Atrium Cafe's EAYC, Korean BBQ Steamboat EAYC, Jogoya, Saisaki.

Ivy Foo, Ying Ying - when are we going to eat lah?

Oklar, I don't know what to write already. Sien leh! Hot leh! Sakai leh!

Why am I missing someone whom I don't really know?

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