Sunday, May 20, 2007

Dream VS Reality

I think I saw this title somewhere before... where ar? But, anyway, all I can think of for a title is this at the moment. Don't care lah.

I'm an artist. Yes! An artist.
Not the artist that sings or acts. But the artist that 'wak dou wah' one.
Too bad, I 'wak em dou wah'.
But that's my dream. I shall determine to be a 'wak dou wah' geh artist! I shall sell my masterpieces at RM50k each! I shall 'draw' newspaper prints and design clothes for the very next Estee Lauder Model Search Model. :D Artist vs model. :D
WWT, I'll meet you at the top yo!
We shall work hard to get their msn ok! Just like how yo yo did. :D
Haha, only wwt will understand what I'm talking about.

Dreams... everybody has their own dreams... I have a lot of dreams and little wishes. Can you fulfill them for me? I don't think so. Because it will be impossible to be fulfilled. Again, don't expect too much. The higher you get, the harder you fall.

People don't realize what they do is right or wrong... people don't realize what they do is an insult to others... people don't realize that the things they said can hurt somebody so much. Stop being like that! I've had enough! You're just an arrogant, selfish, boastful, proud piece of monkeybone. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr. You think everybody likes you? Dream on!

Emil Chou's coming! Emil's coming! His concert's in July. Who wants to go? I want to go!!!! But no one i know seems to be interested in him. =(

Yesterday, I was happy. But I was not high. I just don't know why. Don't ask me. :|

Was having lunch at Wendy's Bistro with Edmund, Ah Foo and Ker Ying on Friday. Suddenly we talked about wedding. What is your ideal or dream wedding party? Wedding... bf pun takde sudah ingat mau wedding. Sakai betul. Haha. Nothing is impossible. Who knows maybe few months later u receive my wedding invitation or something. Wahahaha! Crazy.

Time for some changes. I want to change myself. Change for a better person. Making some changes to myself. I don't know what. But I just feel like doing so. Feel like changing my hairstyle. Feel like re-deco my room all over. Feel like throwing all my clothes away and buy new ones. :p If only I have the money.

Please don't claim that you're a super fan when you don't even own the artist's cd.
Please don't claim that you're a number 1 fan when you don't even remember all the lyrics.
Please don't claim that you know everything and end up saying that you forgot.
Fck off and die slowly.

Argh... this post is darn messy. Bye.

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Shin Sar said...

Actually hor.. I wanna go to Emil's Chou's concert lo. Just that I can't promise you now. I don't even know what's gonna happen next week. If you dont mind last minute decisions, just be patient and wait for me & I MIGHT go :P

Unless you wanna sit right at the front la :P then you have to find someone else to go with u and buy the tickets now =D