Friday, January 16, 2009

I feel dumb

Yeah, that's my msn nick these few days - 'i feel dumb'. Ria asked why I feel so. I'm a graduate, so I couldn't be dumb. That's the prob, I graduated, but hell I couldn't remember a single thing I learned in college, or school!

There's still so many things I need to learn. Things I'm supposed to have knew already. Actually what triggered me to feel dumb was when Ching called me up one day and ask me the purpose of flour, sugar, salt! Is white sugar sweeter or brown sugar sweeter? Why do you add salt to sweet desserts like cakes? Difference between baking powder and baking soda? Why do donuts have holes? Why do crackers have holes? Difference between prawn and shrimp? Parts of the cow, pig and lamb? Difference between French meringue and Italian meringue? I learnt before, but I can't remember. I have short term memory. Sigh~

This year, tigers will be spending a lot, and can't save much. Ang pow confirm kurang this year :(

Quote CSY: 2009 is all about money saving.
SEL: 2009 is all about learning, and focus!

Wua~~ so many things I wanna buy, so many places I wanna go!

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