Sunday, January 25, 2009

Moo moo year: 1 day to go!

Didn't blog for five days, but it seems like ages. Anyway, hi.. How's everyone doing? Finished shopping for CNY? It's ok, there's still one more day. And CNY is 15 days long so it doesn't really matter. Done spring cleaning? Clean or no clean, my room is always as messy. Stocked up drinks and cookies? Nvm, next year can buy from me. Lol! Bought 988's CNY album to welcome your guests? Wait what oh, go buy la deng! *zui guo zui guo* Scold ppl for the last time in the rat year :p

Somehow the CNY mood hasn't hit me yet. I just feel like, not looking forward to it anymore. Don't even mind going away for CNY already. Went to NZX thought wanna walk the cny market geh, thought it will be as interesting as last yr's, but satu bayang pun tak nampak, and only a few stalls.

Went for 988's CNY mini concert at Brem Mall last weekend, so jam! Really people mountain people sea. Walked so far just to go in the ticket zone thinking will get a better view, but end up have to look at the screen only. Just in time to see Danny singing the 十二生肖庆丰年, then went to eat to kill time since still got some time before he come out again. Went to eat at Wong Kok. When we finished, the concert already ended *dot dot dot* Wasted :( The djs and artistes were signing so managed to see the ending.

His never ending dai lou poses <3


Look like a kid right? Dai lou, how do you stay so young looking?

My last pic with him for the rat year, first pic of 2009 *wub wub wub*
Gangsters heart dai lou alwayz

2009... My path still remains unclear... But I'll try... I promise, I'll try ='(


soohui said...

wah lao....
gangsterz heart dai lou always...
meluatkan lah adoh.....hahahahaha

Eve Lynn said...

You dun heart him then nvm lor... I nvr ask u to say out also... mwahahahaha

soohui said...

ngo oi dou mm gong chut lei geh...