Thursday, January 08, 2009

Last Trip of 2008, First Trip of 2009 - Penang & Bukit Mertajam :D

Bertolak from KL at 10pm, driving slowly up north and reach BM at 2am. Didn't sleep the whole journey, cuz scared the driver tertidur, but didn't help much also cuz didn't chat with her. Sorry lar, I told you to tell me if you're tired mah. Reach SH/SY's house, terus zzz.

Woke up for lunch :p Yam rice @ Chip Heng, Taman Chai Leng. Yum yum! It was nice, but nothing fancy/special about it. Head to Penang island after that.

Went to look for CY and then head to New World Park for ice kacang!

Coming through! Moo moo celebrates be-earlied cow year! :p

RM5. Ma de, satu orang pun tak cukup makan la. Kns.

Send her home then we head to QB mall cuz scared jam. Went and walk around and had some light dinner at Oldtown (though I freaking hate that place). Then start waiting at the stage since 6pm. They had red carpet at 6.30pm, it started drizzling then. Stopped around 8pm, then 10pm like that start raining again. Ish. It was quite obvious the entire Penang was there just to see Bosco, the other artistes didn't really get good response from the crowd (except giving out goodies =_=")


Danny came out before Bosco (before countdown). Sang 3 songs - Yi Qi Dao Gao, Zui Hou and a medley of Crazy, Celebration, Leng Zai and Bing Du Bao Fa. During the second song he came down to shake hands with the crowd. Lalala. *smile* And after Bosco performed they had a game among Bosco, Danny and Andrew. When Bosco saw Danny he said "Just now is it Wan Lik Ming rap ah? *looking at Danny* eh, next time we do some crossover lor ok or not?" Whoopee! See, HK artiste also praise Danny leh. Good good. So happy for him.

Happy new year! The fireworks were quite nice but I don't think it's the best (as claimed) and it didn't seemed 3 minutes plus (again as claimed). Finished around 12.30am, since the whole QB is jammed up, we waited there cuz the post party was at Kim Gary. Lol. Left QB at almost 2am and headed to find food. End up eating in Gurney Drive. Curry mee - my first meal of 2009 (RM3).

Reach the Pg bridge at 4am and it was jam jam jam! Took us one hour to get through! Saw few accidents on the bridge, so scary. Reach home, k.o.

Oh ya, saw this picture somewhere... tee hee!!

I like to move it move it... Haha. Oops. 够经典.

Only woke up after lunch time :p Everywhere was jam. It was hard to get in to Sunway Carnival mall so we took our breakfast cum lunch cum tea at a Thai restaurant nearby. Forgot what's the name though.

Really green colour punya Green Curry Chicken with Rice

Tom Yam Prawn (RM3.90 each)

Bought two baju from Esprit Outlet (really cheap leh) cuz it's those out of season clothes which I think is quite nice geh. Someone bought 5 baju for RM200. I think no one would believe if you say you bought it from Esprit. Also bought a nail polish colour from Elianto. Really nice turquoise colour :)

Then we head back to BM for our dinner at some hawker center. Food is cheap as compared to Penang (what more KL).

Grilled stingray

Oyster omelette (RM6) double the size of what I had in New World Park (with bigger oysters too!)

Fried kueh kark (RM2 only!) Yummy but slightly too salty

Then we went lepak at Autocity cuz SH was meeting up with her friends. Starbucks' hot beverage counter was closed so we went to Oldtown (again pfft). Made me stink of cigarette smoke even though I sat in non-smoking.

Bu hu, the day to go back to KL. Supposed to wake up at 8am but I end up waking at 11 plus. Yalar, I'm the laziest one la. But not my fault lor, I ask them to wake me up. But hor, they wake up then go down watch tv pulak. Sure I continue sleeping la. Hehehe.

Anyway, quickly get ready then had bak kut teh nearby. Even Taiwanese celeb chef Ah Hong also went there before.

Then headed in to the island again. Went to kek lok si even though the weather is hot! For those of you who plan to go, better wait till the Guan Yin is finished being builded. But, I think still need at least few months lor.

Peekaboo! I see you!

Went and bought Tambun biscuits then head home to wash up and pack. Then, head for dinner at Bukit Tambun! Whoopee, look forward the most for this hehe! Seafood yum yum!

The most si ham I've ever seen!!! *drooling*

Sa lei/ambula juice with sour plum (my fave)

Fried rice

Super duper fresh scallops


Very yummy satay (no dipping sauce one cuz the sauce is grilled with the meat!)

Super duper fresh pomphret (though I prefer the soup from Long House) (RM60)

Jelly ang-ku kuih (ta pao from opposite shop)

Deep fried ice cream (not crispy enough) (RM2.50 each)

That's all! Left Bkt Tambun, went in Taiping for a cup of tea then headed back to KL. Reach home also 3am dy. *Yawn*


sunset2712 said...

So many delicious local food! Wa pun mau!!!!!!!

Eve Lynn said...

You will get it when you come back to Malaysia :)

sunset2712 said...

I look at the pics again and again and again... so tempting... *faint*