Thursday, January 15, 2009

CNY Cookies

Hmm, been hiding myself at home for a few days, and wanna do so until CNY. Why? Hmm, no specific reason, but I need some time on my own. Been going out very frequent for the past few weeks so thought that it's good just to be alone at times. Nah, not in a depressed situation, I still go out when I need to. I need some time to think what to do next. Guess I'll have to answer the same question many, many times during CNY :p

That's one of the reason. Another is I'm busy baking! Testing out some recipes. My bread one sort of failed. I can't seem to make the type of bread I want to. Ish. My chocolate cake didn't turn out the way I expected it to be. Pfft.

Anyway, thought of baking some CNY cookies for sale to earn a few buck. Anyone interested? Hehe. Wait, or I should say 'anyone dares to?' I'm a novice in cny cookies, so I'm just making small batches to try. Preferably selling to friends (heehee, hint hint)

Size: 12cm (h) x 10cm (d) (consider a small bottle)
Price: RM13 nett (lucky number ma)

1. Deep Fried Arrow Roots (Nga Gu)

2. Peanut Cookies
(approx. 60 pieces)

Other cookies include:

3. Pineapple Tart/Roll

4. Peanut Puffs (Fah Sang Kok)

5. Spicy Dried Shrimp Roll

6. Cashew Cookies

7. Cornflakes with Honey & Almond Flakes

Food testing available :D SMS or leave a message here :) Thanks. (Don't worry, I won't force you to buy geh... I take it as a part of my survey only :p)

*Delivery can be negotiated

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