Monday, January 19, 2009

Congrats ECX!

Congratulations to ECX for winning the Astro Battleground 舞极限 2008 champion!!! You guys deserve it!

Nah, I didn't go. Watched from home.

This year didn't really go for the recording every week like two years ago. Only went for a few. Never really notice ECX before, didn't realize they can dance so well! So synchronized! Even Marcus said 'I'm trying really hard to look for a mistake'. If got repeat on Wah Lai Toi please watch it!

Bravo to Astro for making this show such a success. It's so much better from 2007. So proud that Malaysia have such dance competition. And bravo to the hosts! :p (If he not good Astro also won't hire him twice ler teehee!) Danny composed and performed a song for Battleground. Awesome. *clap clap clap* *wub*

Mr Lan Bo and Mr Xue Gao *yeng yeng yeng*!!

Photo credit: Melvin Foong


rachteng said...

so you saying his previous partner not good la! kakakakakk!

Eve Lynn said...

I didn't say anything gah... you say one ah... :p