Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Happy "Niu" Year!

I like to moo it moo it, we like to moo it moo it! Happy NIU year evlibadi! How is your CNY so far? Hot hot hot right? The weather is really hot these two days.

All home-made!!

Didn't do much these three days (including CNY eve), the usual routine every year:

CNY Eve - Dinner at grandparents'. Just a stone throw away distance from my house. We have steamboat this year. Uncle and cousin came back from Australia this year to join us. So there were 27 of us! Crowded, but we had a lovely and joyful dinner.

Yay, i finally learned how to make this! ;)

CNY Day 1 - Happy Niu year. Brunch at grandparents' place again. Traditionally, my family is not supposed to be there, cuz it's my mum's side, and married daughter shouldn't go back to the mum's place on day 1, but that's been our tradition since long ago. We have vegetarian dishes. Mock duck, mock char siew, mock siew yuk, zai choi.

We usually don't do much on day 1. Played some cards and went mamak for tea.

We have self-trained lion dance crew.

My little chunted chick ;)

That's me behind, haha.

She was so tired after a long day, she fell asleep like that.

CNY Day 2 - 'Hoi nin' at grandparents' place again. Then went to dad's ex colleague's house for lunch. His mum makes the best Hainanese chicken rice. Yum. Really eat a lot these two days. Better drink more green tea. Went home, did some baking, fell asleep at 7 plus and woke up at 10pm and went mamak for supper.

I guess this cny will be like this for the next 13 days. Don't really have the mood to go visiting also. Cuz of the weather. Anyway, have a happy and prosperous new year everybody. Get more ang pao and win more :) And, remember your seat belts! Luv.

Next up: Tenji!

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