Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Hopeless, useless...

Randoms #13
Totally agree with Soursandy. Silence is virtue. Please think before you talk. Don't complain about other things or other people when you don't even realize that you're doing the same thing. Sigh, how I wish I can tell someone off without offending anybody.

Randoms #14
Why does some people's mouth have to be so big, so 'smelly' and so cruel? Please consider other people's feelings before you say something. Don't you realize that your words are actually hurting other people's feelings? Please don't do unto others what you don't want others to do unto you. When other people say like that to you, you get so angry. But when you say like that to other people, you just laugh thinking it's a joke that everybody can accept. F*ck off.

Randoms #15
The higher you climb, the harder you fall. Again, and again, I try to remind myself not to expect anything. Again and again, I didn't. Again and again, I get disappointed. I know, it's never possible. I seriously wonder if I'm ever someone special to anybody. "Spacial" maybe la. You gave me hope, and took it away from me. Expect the unexpected. Better still, DON'T expect ANYTHING. ANYTHING at all in EVERYTHING.

21/7 - Happy & sad. Frus and syiok. Hmm~

Falling for a stranger. D.E.A.D.
...If only...

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