Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Review: Terengganu & Kota Bahru

So sorry for the lack of updates, my faithful readers :)
Been busy for the past two weeks.

Let me just review on my Terengganu and Kelantan trip 2 weeks ago. I followed ML, IH, AA and Julielai up east on 6th July, for Daniel's Terengganu and Kelantan promo. Was previously in a serious dilemma of going or not, and I've finally decided to go. And I did not regret it :)

Started our journey at 10 plus AM, had dim sum @ Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park and off we went. In Julie's Jazzie, my dream car. We took about 6 hours to reach KT. Before that, we stopped at Rantau Abang for our 'lunch'. One fish, one tomyam soup, one deep fried sotong (more like deep fried batter actually), one mixed vege and fried omelette.

On the way to KT, there were many stalls on the road side selling their famous Keropok Lekor. And also stalls selling Air Nila or something. Can't remember the name. I think is coconut water.

Then, we head towards KT and checked in at Ming Star hotel, a very new hotel at KT. Erm, it looks more like a lodge to me, but the room is nice :) RM88 nett with 2 breakfast, what do you expect? Their operation manager Mr Alister was kind enough to direct us to the school Daniel is performing. After checking in we hurried to the school for Daniel's sound check. Then back to the hotel to wash up and charge camera batteries. Nothing much to talk about after that. Oh yeah, it was Julie Lai's birthday on 7th, so 12am sharp, we surprised her with 3 slices of cakes at the car park after we had our supper. She was so shocked! Great to see that :)

The next day, we sent AA to the bus station cuz she had to rush back to KL. I felt so uneasy walking around, 3 of us were wearing shorts and none of the people in KT wears shorts. I felt like everybody was staring at us. Then off we went to KB. Since we had extra free time, we decided to go Tasik Kenyir before going to KB since we have nothing to do in KB. And, it was an unforgettable trip :)

Lake Kenyir is very remote. You have to drive quite some time, staring at many many green trees and hills before you reach the lake. But lake is awesome. We took the RM150 boat package that goes to 3 places - Saok Waterfall, Herbs Garden and Fish Sanctuary. The boat driver was a very adventurous guy and very knowledgeable. He asked us to climb high up the waterfall and also gave us the chance to climb the tree trunk in the middle of the lake! That was so cool! But scary because inside the lake there's actually a lot of piranha's! And clumsy me fell on my butt at the waterfall. Luckily I didn't drop into the lake. At the herbs garden we were introduced to many herbs and plants including Tongkat Ali, Kacip Fatimah, Asam something which is a leaf but you eat it raw and it taste like assam and pomelo! There are chalets built beside the lake, RM1000 plus for one night!

For more pics of our Kenyir Lake expedition, click here

Then, we head to KB. There are a lot of palm trees on the way to KB. Greeneries everywhere.

And we were all quite surprised that KB is actually so developed. Out of our expectation. At least they have a mall. We went to KB Mall to get some stuff and end up having our early dinner there. Thai food. Mango Kerabu & Thai Laksa. Yummeh. We saw Daniel's promo info pasted at the entrance of a souvenir shop but they put Daniel's album name as "Mei You Chuo" (No Mistake) =_=" Bang wall.

We checked in at Grand Riverview hotel after that. Just located next to Sungai Kelantan. Cool.

After the event, we went for supper near the Thai border at a restaurant called Chiangmai Restaurant. The organizers ordered the dish. This dish came first, upon looking at it, nothing special. But guess what it is?

Bingo! Bees, Crickets and Larvae. I'm serious! No joke! Surprising I had the courage to eat it. The bees and crickets were okay, crunchy, no taste actually. But I didn't really like the white colour ones which are the larvae I think.

The next day we check out 10 plus and left for home. So fast, 3 days gone. I wish I have the money, the time, the ability to go travelling and have fun like that everytime. Sigh. We tried to find the shortest route to go back to KL and decided to use the Gua Musang way, detour to Cameron and back to Simpang Pulai highway. I guess everybody thinks we're crazy but we stopped at Camerons and bought some vege and had our lunch there at Ngow Kee, recommended by the vege stall owner. Yummeh. It was freaking cold. It was my first time seeing edible raw corn. Haha! Cute.

That's about all. We left for KL after our 'lunch' at like 4pm and reached KL about 7pm. Very interesting trip for me indeed. I enjoyed myself. ;)

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Shin Sar said...

Previously was Digi's mistake for putting 'Mei Shi Jian' for track 5. And now is 'Mei You Chuo' for the title of the album?!! What the heck!!!