Friday, July 20, 2007

Review: KL - Ipoh - Taiping - Penang - Changlun - Penang - Ipoh - KL

Got a shock seeing my title? Haha. Yeap, that's all the places I went in 3 days. Went up north last weekend for D2's & KF's event.

13th July 2007 (Friday the 13th)

Left KL with AA, SS and YR at about 3pm. Headed straight to Ipoh as Daniel's event was at 6.30pm. Erm, nothing much. He sang 3 songs. The crowd was so so. But signing was not bad. 100 over people. However the sound system sucks to the max. The mic goes on and off. I went up stage to sign, somehow to other Pinkies he says thank you but say 'xie xie' to me. I felt weird. Hmm.
Then, of course, going to Ipoh without eating the bean sprout chicken is not considered going to Ipoh. So we head to Jalan Cowan for taugeh chicken koey teow. Thanks Lynne for the dinner. Yummy. :)
Braised Chicken Feet

Bean Sprout

Koey Teow soup (very small bowl only, not enough for me ler)

The tender juicy chicken. Yum yum.

Mixed chicken gizzards, intestines and liver. Yum. My fave gizzards :)

The secret? Refresh the chicken in cold water straight away cooking.

Then, we left Ipoh and continued our journey. We decided to stop by Taiping to yum cha with Szen and SS's parents. Haha. So we went to this hawker place call Siang Malam. We had roti kukus and roti bakar. The steamed bread was very nice!

Teh c di kopi (Teh 'C' with few drops of coffee) Cute huh?

My fave shot of all. Nasi Lemak Assam Prawn. It was so so. Maybe because it was cold.

After that, we continued our journey to Penang! Reach Penang about 12 plus, went straight to the room and clean up then sleep. So tired.

14th July 2007

Woke up at 9am, IH brought us for breakfast at Song River.

Bak Kut Teh :) First time I see pork balls in BKT.

Duck duck. Quack quack.

Taufu with leek.

Fried French Bean.

Assam Prawn.

After our 'brunch', we head to Changlun. There's a place called 'Malau' in Kedah, so cute! On the way to Kedah, both sides of the road are all paddy fields. Lush greens. Beautiful. First we stop by at Karen jie jie's husband's bus company at CTC near Bkt Kayu Hitam. Then, we head to IH's company - KMC to visit the coldroom. It's a room to keep the frozen fishes. The room is huge! As big as a factory! And it's 14C inside. Stand inside for 5 minutes and you'll start to freeze.

Then we head back to Changlun for curry mee. Heard it's famous. Daniel was there too. Recording a program for Astro Channel 35.

Spot Daniel :)

Curry mee. I find it so so only. No cockles. And not thick enough. For me lah.

After that, we head to C-Mart for Daniel's event which was just 5 minutes walk from the curry mee place. Crowd was okay. Signing was okay too. He said xie xie to me again =_=" Then, me and SS rush back to Penang to attend Kwok Fai's promo in Queensbay and Juru. Haha, it was fun! Fai siu oh fai siu. I call Kwok Fai fai siu one. Hehe!

Then, we went for supper at I don't know where and headed back to the hotel. The gang from Alor Setar arrived at the same time. After washing up, few of us went to the mamak downstairs for supper (again). The chicken i-dont-know-what is superb! :) Then, we witnessed a thousands of motorcycle convoy passed by. Scary. Really scary. If you were to cross the road at that time, you'll be banged over by thousands of motorcycles. :p

15th July 2007

The 4 of us woke up and get ready to check out cuz we had to rush to Ipoh. Danny Danny Danny! Haha! Had breakfast with the others (dim sum) then we separated our ways. It was a rainy day, so the weather is so cold! Plus the weird thing was, all the way from Penang to Rawang, the tip of the hills are so misty. So beautiful! Went to Ipoh for the GCMA promo. The place was crowded! Can't even find a parking but parked illegally :p Luckily they didn't announce my car number plate through the mall and say I blocked the road :p I'm so happy to see him :) I think he's quite happy to see us too :) He mentioned "KL friends" again :) And when he was in the van, he leaned forward to wave to us :) Thanks for making my day :)

SS spotted a rainbow when we were near Rawang. Lovely :)

Can you see the rainbow? I edited the contrast of the pic. Somewhere over the rainbow...

I know, I know. This posting is more about phood and sceneries. Haha. Nice mah. Takkan everytime show pics of celebs only meh? Oh swt.

Good night.

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