Monday, July 30, 2007

Long posting.

28th July 2007

Went out with Ching, Anju and Ria to Bangsar for brunch. The person who ask me not to wake up late ended up waking up late. They were suppose to go threading but ended up didn't so we just went for makan. Before we enter Nirvana (no we didn't die, it's a curry house), we were stopped by these 2 ladies from a slimming/beauty center. They started promoting this special card thingy they have which they only give 12 people today and we're so lucky bla bla bla. They were saying with RM29.90 you can enjoy RM600 worth of services, and we can make appointment before we go. I was a bit suspicious then but end up putting away the thought. They then write down our details and give us the promotion card. Another suspicious thing is they used whiteboard marker to write on the card which can be easily wiped off. And they asked for the RM29.90. WTF! All of us thought we can pay when we go to the place but they said no, must pay now. Thank god Anju sort of scolded them and they walked away. But I was so scared they'll scratch Ria's car as they saw us coming out from our car.

Lesson learned: Never believe all these unknown beauty/slimming centers.

Then, at 4pm ML, Szen, PK and I left for Batang Kali for a GBBM event. Got W.H.Y., Gary Yap, Nick Chung, Stella Chung and Danny One *lub*! We used the Bkt Beruntung way, luckily it was ML driving, if not I would have got lost in some jungle nearby. There's one part where the view was superb. On the left were vege farms and on the left were mountains and hills.

When we reach, we were quite early as the girl I deal with, Alycia wasn't there yet. So I called her and she suggest we go have early dinner nearby at Ligamas. So we went and had some makan at Restoran Chuang Kee. Just some random restaurant we found.

They have this dragon fruit juice. Never tried before so ordered 1. Nice :) Refreshing and sweet. We also had loh mee, kao yuk yee mee, fried fu chuk and fish paste. A diff style loh mee, so so only to me.

Coincidently Pei San was having dinner there as well with her family. So after dinner we went to the school together. Only half the chairs were filled at 7.30pm, I was quite disappointed at first. Then when the event began, more people came and it was damn happening after that. The teenagers there are crazy! They can whistle from the beginning of the show till the end and not feeling tired! And they group together and waved and cheered like nobody's business. Annoying but it definitely hype up the atmosphere. There was only one person I can't stand. Yellow-shirt girl. Curse u to death. Sakai.

.The Kay-eLLe clan.

First was W.H.Y., then Stella, then Nick, then Gary and lastly Danny *lub*! They sang 5 songs each. They were selling their albums at the event as well. Guess it's part of the charity for the association. Danny sang Yin Wei You Ai (DANNY'S VERSION) I think he's used to Daniel's version he sort of forgot his own song's tune :p Oops; Lian Ai Le; Love And Freedom; Wai Hor Xiong Tai Dor; and Siapa. He said 'Now, I want to speak, i count to 3, everybody keep quiet, 1,2,3' (Breeeeeeeeeeeet!) 'I said keep quiet... 1,2,3' (Breeeeeeeet) Not us ok, is those people there. 'Aiyo, tak faham ar? haha!' Cute la he *lub*.

I love this pic a lot. Don't know why.

After that there were autograph session. Gary and Danny. Album sales was erm... OKAYH lah. 4 of us bought an album each. ML and Szen wanted to get me 'something' which they thought I didn't know but I knew it since the beginning. ML and Szen, very thoughtful of you guys, thanks but no thanks. That 'someday' is two months away okayh. Actually I should be happy for that 'something', but somehow I felt angry. Don't ask me why. I don't know either. I nearly cried. I nearly stomped away. I tried snatching the paper away. Maybe it was becuz I knew about it. Danny's love and freedom chorus totally suit me at this moment. Argh, seriously I don't know what's wrong with me. When people don't treat me nice, I don't like it. When people treat me good, I don't like it either. WTF.

.The One That Brightens My Day & Night.

Many things are on my mind now. I think it's time for me to really cut down on my online time. I can basically sit in front of the computer for hours and hours without moving. Even though I'm not doing anything on my comp I can just sit down and stare at it. It has been an addiction. I'm wasting too much time doing nothing. I guess it's better to let go. To least expect anything. To least hope for anything. Currently still addicted to "Cry On My Shoulder". It's such a good song. I can just tear out listening to it. Another song that can make me cry is "Bu Xu Ku" by Meisim. Gosh, the title is Bu Xu Ku (Cannot Cry) but it makes me cry! :'( I wonder if I ever have the chance to hear Danny sing "Cry On My Shoulder" someday. :) Or perhaps Daniel. Or Kwok Fai. Or John. Bahh, let's not hope for the hopeless.

Anyway, guess what time I woke up today? Haha. 3pm oops. Been lacked of sleep the past week and finally replenished it hehe! Yes, I know I'm a pig.

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pei s@n said...

hohoho... surprise im here!!! ooppss... suprise saw my name neh.. n_n yea.. i hate dat yellow shirt girl too... so crazy & 38... who oso want.. each singer oso go 4 few time... haihsss.. kampung ma... @_@

& nice to meet all of u dat day ya... n_n thx... muakssss....