Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Person That Brightens My Day <3

Seriously, he's the only one that will brighten up my day when I'm feeling down... Hmm, everything happens just at the right time :) Well, of course I don't know him as friends, I don't chat with him. But sometimes, the things he did just makes me cheer up :) Cheeky him.

210707 - 988 Anniversary Concert :)

Went for SKY last episode premier just now at Izzi Pizza. I 'guong ming jing dai' WON it one, I never cari lubang to get it. Nothing much, all sit down, wait for the artists, watch, sign, eat, leave. I guess I expected too much from the last episode, it wasn't as what I expected it to be. But it was funny though :) And there was this young magician guy came and "entertain" us before the show started. -speechless-

"You look like my first love." (What a way to tackle girls.) But of course, it's not said to me lah.

~ So what if we took pics together? There's a full stop between us. :) ~

Thanks to everyone who has been so nice and helpful to me. Accompanying me when I needed someone, helping me when I need help, cheering me up when I am sad, sharing with me when I'm happy. I've learnt to be grateful to everybody. Each and every one of you means a lot to me. If one day I die (touch wood), please ask my mum for my diary, read about my thoughts and feelings in my life, and there'll be a thank you message to each and everyone of you who had left a footprint on my heart.

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