Saturday, June 17, 2006

We Are Family

Loadz of things feel like blogging... But don't know if it's bloggable... nanti kena marah...

Didn't do much today... Suppose to go college to check our senior's TIS report... Suppose to start my report today but end up sleeping till 12pm ;p Ah Sar came over and we went MVM for lunch... Guess what we had? Kim Gary of course!! I had the Korean Spicy Noodles set... Due to the big crowd, they separate the tables just few inches apart, it feels so uncomfortable sitting so close to other strangers... 2 different couples sitting next to each other looks as if 4 of them are friends... dottttttt... Me and Ah Sar talked and talked and talked... We have so many in common, don't we Sar?

Was walking around and i mentioned I have not watched movie for a loooong time and Sar suggested 'why not?' :D And we decided on a movie called 'WE ARE FAMILY' starring Hacken Lee, Alan Tam... It's a comedy about Ah Kit (Hacken Lee) propose to his GF for the 8th time and his journey in getting approval from the girl's family... Super funny movie shot in HK and also Singapore... Also starring Phua Chu Kang (Gurmit Singh) and the two "I Not Stupid II'' boys!!! Interesting...

Then we headed home and i went dinner with my family at Restoran OK Tuck, Jalan Imbi (near Imbi Palace)... Was craving for Stir Fried Cabbage for a few days dy... So we had seafood porridge, stir fried cabbage, thai style chicken leg skin, steamed chicken... Yummy!!!

Thanks Sar Sar for the MV trip... THanks for telling me so many stuff!!! Mwaks!!!

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Shin Sar said...

Yo Sevvy. I'm addicted to Kim Gary's Bake Cheese Rice ady =.=

Hehe. We are two 'si lai' that likes to gossip :P

Thanks for sharing ;)

We will have more chance to hang out together cos "we are family" :D