Friday, October 17, 2008

Officially Graduated! :)

People get to wear graduation robe and mortar board just once in their life, but at Taylor's you get to wear more than that. I've already wore the robe 3 times, and twice for the mortar board. Why? Because at each stage of graduating from diploma/higher diploma/degree, you are able to attend the ceremony. Well, it depends whether you want to pay go or not. Honestly, for those TCHT students reading my blog, save your money, only go for the degree one. The first one, well, it's our first, so we're all very excited to go. And end up can't even see our faces in the graduation group photo. Second one, I don't even remember why the heck did I go. I think my mom forced asked me to. And the third one, which is the recent one, and my LAST one ;D

So here I am! Officially graduated. Well, graduated 7 months back but can I claim that I "just graduated"? Lol! Excuses again. This year's convo was boring, everyone was moodless. Maybe it's because everyone is in the working world already, don't have the graduating mood anymore. Or every year it's the same so it's pretty boring. Even photo taking decreased drastically.

Edmund and moi. Smart fella.

My chi-muis/kopi :p Nicholle, Ivy, Moi

Thanks FAMA for funding my 4 19 yrs of education. Lol! *wub*

Thanks gals for coming. *guilty*

Black and white :) Frenz foreva *wub*

Been pretty laid back this couple of weeks. Day dreaming a lot. Thinking about travelling. Thinking about next year. Thinking about CNY. Thinking about phood. Been trying out some recipes. Oh ya, am planning to bake and sell some christmas & cny cookies. Gonna test the best recipe! Ganbate! Remember to 'bong-chan' me wor if I really can make it ^^

My phone is pretty fcuked up now. Since weeks ago, the screen can sometimes go blank, or become like those marquee banner, moving sideways, or even split the screen into four =_=" Mine's a flip one, I guess it's the ribbon. Haven't go repair it. So when it goes blank, I have to flip open, close, open, close, open, close, until the screen gets back to normal. Pffft. So if there's anything, call me instead of sms-ing. Cuz I can't open it! Boo hoo, money please fall from the sky, I want a new phone. SE have been coming out with a lot of new nice phones now. 8.1 mega pixel! WWT, now that you've mention it, the phone looks pretty nice though. Hee hee!

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