Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Justin Lo's 2008 Concert 181008

Ayam back! I rolled all the way down from the hill. Haha, lame. Went to the hill top for Justin Lo's concert last Saturday. Stupid bus driver drove like a mad fella. Macam initial D. Scary like shyt lor.

Anyway, Justin's concert was good! He was awesome! I went for his christmas concert two years back and comparing to then, he improved drastically!

His vocal is nonetheless undeniably fantastic. Sang continuously for like 2 and a half hours. So energetic running here and there, and he danced! He danced he danced he danced! Samore can do sexy dance with the dancer. Oh, all the female dancers were damn sexy and hot. Phewwit!

He also said that he can sing slow love songs very well, and he did, so well. He's not a person who can speak in public well, but he improved a lot. And he played guitar and sang '20th century boy'! The 2nd encore he played this song again, after running here and there he kneeled on the floor and stuck out his tongue showing he's very tired. Lol! It was his last show in his concert tour, so he gave all out. At the end, I think the second encore was not planned, he didn't know how to end the thing. Haha, gosh.

This concert was like a bonus concert cuz he sang all those popular hits from his previous albums "Justin", "No Protection", "JTV" and of course the latest one "Ah Tin" such as Hard Life, Volar, Kuit Jin Yi Sai Jo, Qing Gor, Stuck On You, 30 days, Mei Xu (My current addiction) and how can the k song Nam Yan KTV be missed out. Good show!! Clap clap clap!

Stayed one night at hill top then came down the next day for Ifeel Girl Search + Global Peace Festival. Danell was really good looking. Well dressed, well groomed. Aih, so gonna miss him when he's not around :(

Heard that Karen jie jie was in Genting too, but the next day she said luckily we didn't find her because she was busy taking care of the two rascals haha. Missing them heaps!

My phone... is... helpless. Wtf.

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