Sunday, October 12, 2008

Fun + Stupid

I spotted a new, nice place to hang out! Well, I spotted it quite long ago already but it was not until recently I explored it - Desa Park City Kepong!

Last Tuesday few of us had nothing to do so we decided to have dinner and hang out awhile. As we were too full after steamboat which we need to walk around to digest, in addition someone was craving for ice cream, and so we head to Desa Park City. Unfortunately the ice cream shop was closed already. So we walked around, tried to see if Meg was working but sadly she wasn't.

Then we headed to the playground. I love love love the playground. It's damn artistic and cool! It has this cool swing, and duo-spin thingy, everything is so artistic I don't know how to play =_="

Some ppl even meditate on it, or 'candlelight date' on it for hours ish =_="

Then we saw a hill which we think can see the view of the whole city and so we tried to explore our way up. Wahoo. There was a lake nearby called the 'Waterfront', if only I saw it earlier. Shall explore it next time in the evening. The way up was kinda scary cuz no cars. It was a bungalow area with lots of nice properties up the hill. If only i'm rich... if... if... if...

Spot Genting!

That's the fun part.

Did I tell you all I dreamt of something really stupid the other day? I can remember it so clearly until now. Hmpf, must tell out, if not it will come true. I don't want it to come true. :p

Maybe because we see too much news about a very famous artiste in Malaysia getting married recently and thus led me to dream about this.

I dreamt that my beloved idol getting married. Well, not the dang dang dang dang day but the wedding dinner day. Me and xxx went early to the dinner venue to check out the place. (I serious doubt we were invited) Guess where was the dinner held? Cheras Badminton Stadium. Stop laughing.

We were looking at the whole floor filled with tables and chairs, dressed with pink and red cloths, the whole place was decorated with balloons and ribbons. Very nicely done. Suddenly *he* came in from those 'exit/keluar' backdoors behind us with his friends. Me and xxx were shocked because he was dressed in t shirt and slacks, it was blue. See I still can remember. =_=" it was his wedding day! Well, maybe it's still early that's why, but still! Ok I think I exagerate too much. And could you just stop laughing? He was like so friggin happy, saying hi to us and then he said something that I will not forget for the rest of my life (my real life I mean). Lalala i'm not telling. Must let me SS a bit for myself la. Cuz the thing he said will never happen one.

That's all. Then I woke up.

Oh, too bad I didn't see who the *wife* is.

Hmm, what if it's a sign?


m3gd@|yn said...

din noe u went dere. haha. i worked morning dat day.. u noe wat.. on da SAME day... we, michy, juyen and i wanted to ask u out for dinner... den we tot.. nvm lar.. too far.. okay lor.. and u went DPC!.. haha..dat high-tech playground is jz less den 5mins walk away from my hseee... damm.. like dat oso din see u... ciss.. and i oso still dono how to play.. too high tech ady.. at nite u see banyak couples one. young ada. old ada...

i wonder wat 'he' said.. hmmp...

Eve Lynn said...

Oh.. I see a lot of different 'sections' of houses. Which one u stay in? Yalor very the high tech. Haha. I only saw a young couple on the swing. Clipping nails on the swing samore. Swt.

dodong flores said...

Looks like a great place to hang out...