Tuesday, October 07, 2008


It's been quite some time since I write about daily happenings. Hmm, seems like I don't fancy letting people know what I do everyday anymore. Or, maybe I don't have anything to write about cuz I do nothing. Ho ho ho.

My raya 'holiday' was very eventful. Met a lot of people throughout the two weekends. I feel so happy when meeting everyone. I feel so relaxed. You see, friends are extremely important k.

27th Sept - Daniel's Karaoke DVD launch. It's been very very long since I see most of them. And it's been very, very long since I see a sea of pink :P Nice to see everyone. Though didn't talk much but it was great to see everyone. Pokok came down from the north too! Too bad we didn't manage to take a pic together.

29th Sept - Met up with the 7Cs for karaoke and steamboat. A rare chance that 7 of us can meet up all together!

30th Sept - Met up with GIBs for dinner.

1st Oct - Selamat Hari Raya. Met up with my relatives at aunt's house for raya lunch. No, my aunt is not a malay. Her maid always cook rendang and nasi kunyit every raya for us :)

2nd Oct - Went Picnic with secondary schoolmates at Lake Garden. Yeah, sounds 'kolot' I know, but it was fun. It's a way of meeting up and spend time together :)

3rd Oct - Met up with 7Cs again. Went to Pavilion for lunch. Bumped into Terence. So smart looking, being S**** Sushi's Trainer leh, so geng. In addition, celebrated Kuan2's birthday with the D clan :p

4th Oct - Met up with the D clan again.

This week, just gonna chill at home and think about the things I need to do. Sigh. A neverending circle. Financially unstable. Something happened which I need to get a job even quickier. Plus my mobile can do magic tricks now. The screen can turn into a ferris wheel. How amazing. I want new phone! I want an SLR! I want money! Sigh!

Had a chat with my lecturer the other day when I went back to college. I don't know if it's a mistake or what, but I get even more frustrated after talking to them, even though they tried to help. Argh! Options, choices, paths, decisions! I seriously hate it to the max.


Shin Sar said...

Life is about making choices, be it right or wrong. We treasure the right choices and learn from the wrong one. Chin up gal. Follow your heart and most importantly, do what that makes you happy. ;)

Eve Lynn said...

I'm happy 'measuring floor' can i?
Thanks anyway :)

hoeyin said...

SLR... just do it. There are so many in the market now, you crack your head thinking about this and that, wait here wait there...

I am thinking of changing mine and already cracking my head on which one to go for.

Is it difficult to find jobs these days?

Shin Sar said...

It's not difficult to find job. But it's a matter of choice (whether u wanna work or continue to 'measure floor) and getting a job that u like. But I guess this gal here prefer to measure floor. Well, who doesn't like that? Haha..

Eve Lynn said...

Uncle Lim: Hehe, it's all my own fault la. It's not difficult to get a job. It's just that I don't want to work. As for SLR, no work no income, no income no SLR. You also cracking your head, what say me? :p