Thursday, October 30, 2008

Crazy Stuff People Do

Last Saturday went for a movie - Eagle Eye, so the high tech, the crazy stuff people can think of, I wonder if it really exist in real life. It was a good show, kinda 'chi kik' but I think Transformer was more 'chi kik' haha.

Just lepak around The Curve for the whole evening. I always thought the flea market at The Curve is very interesting, but cheh, nothing to see also. All clothes, clothes and more clothes. Well, I guess there's just nothing that ignite my interest.

At night after dinner, all in the sudden the suggestion of driving somewhere came about and without much consideration me and my friends drove up to Genting "for fun". Well, uncles and aunties drive up to Genting for ka-ching!, teenagers like us (I deny that I'm an adult, cough!) go to Genting when there's events, or concerts, or for the theme parks, but this time, for fun! My first time driving up to Genting leh! *clap clap clap* It's not that difficult actually. And kinda fun. Just have to be careful when driving down. (Of course I didn't use my car lah, my sa-sa will end up rolling down the hill halfway if I were to drive it up)

Reach Genting almost around midnight, on the way to the toilet saw Steve Yap, and then of all people Nicholas Ong Shu Wei. Waved hie but the next day (I see him again) he didn't remember seeing me. Idiot. Was wondering what event, then saw some preety ladies dressed nicely, then only I remember it was the MACIP (Miss Astro Chinese International Pageant) finals. Haha, MACIP, 1 year ago we were there to see someone. Kei, remember? *chuckles*

Walk around, then took some photo (macam tak pernah come genting, chiu) then head to Coffee Bean. (KL no CB meh?!?) A lot of people deyh! But manage to get a table after 10 minutes. Queue up also took 20 minutes. But, but, my hot choc also not hot geh :( We sat outside (cuz that's what we go genting for rite - the cold weather) But really DAMN cold lor, when the wind blow. But surprisingly I wasn't the first to complain, usually I will shiver even at 27 degree Celsius. Hmm...

Crazy stuff people do...

It was an interesting experience. Again, anyone? Tee hee!

Currently: Ahhhh, stress for no reason. Too many things to do but no motivation, no mood, no confidence to do. No money, no time, no everything. Deng!

A friend asked why i so 'busy' nowadays, never see me online that often anymore. And even when I'm online I don't talk much. Hmm, I guess i'm busy being a 'housewife' now, despite doing nothing at home. My car is as dirty, my room is as messy, the house is as dusty. Cheesh! I guess I'm just hiding in a corner doing just, well, nothing. Spending a lot of time thinking, but somehow no outcome. WtF.

- To get something you never had, you have to do something you never did.
- You need to learn how to walk well before you learn how to run well.

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