Friday, September 19, 2008

Thank you, xie xie, terima kasih!

1709 - 祝自己birthday gembira!

Ok lame. Harks! This post is freaking delayed so bare with me.

Actually, I am not a person who likes grand celebrations. I don't like to get surprise songs/cakes. I don't like having a lot of people staring and singing at me while I look at the cake and don't know what to do. No no, let me explain, it's because I just don't know how to express myself and I don't know how to react. I feel that it's not worth it for a person like me and I might not be able to repay what you've done. Ok, I know I should be grateful to have people to celebrate with. YES, I AM ABSOLUTELY, WONDERFULLY, GRATIFYINGLY, GRATEFULLY, AMAZINGLY, SURPRISINGLY, SHOCKINGLY, TOUCHINGLY grateful, *swearing with the ikrar pose*. I'm sure a few of you have been told by me about 'no song no cake' statement, argh, I don't know lah, I just prefer a quiet birthday, perhaps only a makan session with NO SONG, NO CAKE.

Fine, I shouldn't be emo-elmo. Sure kena marah by some people.

"iaalsdmwm" - Thanks for the be-earlied lunch @ Pick&Brew

Pumpkin/kaya - Thanks for the photo and card! Mwak mwak mwak!

GIBs - Thanks for not caring, not knowing and not wanting to know :D Thanks for the cardS, the heart-attacking surprise and cake.

Golosifo - I'm honored to have you all in my life. Thanks for everything. E: Thanks for the sms. Double J: Thanks for the message.

Pokok - Thanks for being the first to call ;)

4 sakais - Thanks for being trapped in front of the gate :p

Sotong, Butterfly - Thanks for the extremely cheap bag. It's so ugly I feel like throwing it away heehee! *wub wub*

Datin LUA - Thanks for the cake, even though I feel like slapping you but I lub u! Lol!
Gnet - Thanks for the 2am card. It's really nice. I cried. Lol!

WT,ML,SF,PK - Thanks for the frower and turning my darling GAY. Now he doesn't allow me to take it off. Lol! *wub*

7 Cupids - Thanks for the card and products! I know it's a warning for me to wash my face more often. Steamboat coming soon ya? :) Fi: Very touched that you exam also still come out. Sobz! Thank kiu!

The SK Gang - Thanks for dinner, the card and the pweety pweety products and the 'my shop' paper bag (koff koff). C: Thanks for planning it. Mwaks.

Isa - Thanks for buying me mamak as present. Hohoho! It's my favorite present this year ;)

Thanks to those who sms, called, msg on facebook, msn, blog, friendster, chatbox :) I am still keeping all your messages. Sorry I didn't reply. *lub lub* Thanks so so much.

LM - Thank you *wub*

Sorry if I missed out anyone. I lubs you alls from the bottoms of my hearts!! Lubs lubs lubs! Mwaks mwaks mwaks! Next year no more ya, pls. I'm not joking. No more! Full stop! The end! Save money for yourselves, for studies and work. I damn guilty seeing 'have to starve till next month' kinda msn nicks. Sigh.

Once again, thank you, xie xie, doh jeh, mm goi, terima kasih, merci beaucoup, kam siah, arigato gozaimasu, kam sa hamida, gracias, kap kun ka, salamat, nandi, shukriya!!

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