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Bangkok Trip 2008: Part 1

Ok, sorry this post is super the delayed cuz I am just too lazy to edit the pics.

At last, after very much contemplating whether to go or not to go, our planned-since-6-months-ago trip is finally fulfilled! I separate the posting into 2 cuz there's quite some number of pics, not too many but a bit too many for one posting la. Ok whatever I'm crapping.

SS and I made our way to Penang a day before our flight to Bangkok. It was the day of the PWH Newbies Dreams Come Through mini concert at Low Yat, which we had to 'sacrifice', including 988 gcma promo at ipoh the next day, got my idol one err wu~wu~ But of course going Penang is our priority la. But still, we went for the rehearsal first then left about 3pm. Reach Penang at 8pm then head for bbq steamboat dinner with CY, SS's cousin and friends. Imagine la, Penang is supposed to be CY's 'dei kau' but end up SS meet more ppl there. Deng. Lol! SS cousin reminded me of my secondary school friend, SQ, cuz he crap a lot, a lot of lame but funny jokes. A person who holds the width of the table with two fingers and say your face is as thick as that. A person who drives a Saga and say it's a sports car that's why the front is wide, the back got little space, supposed to have two doors but he extended. =_="

"Supposingly" Day 1 060908, Saturday

We wake up for breakfast brunch supposingly at Penang Road but changed our mind to Pulau Tikus to try the mee goreng. Raining since we wake up in the morning. Damn cool weh the Indian guy speaks Hokkien! Wahaha. And while we're waiting for our food to come I discovered something! Weeeee! So happy!

Sorry la, cuz I never see it at any shops/malls before leh.

It was not bad, but I didn't really like the sotong... Plain would be nicer. SS the hungry ghost wasn't full yet so we headed to another place to eat the 'kueh kak'. I had cendol. Then went home to get ready to go to the airport. We actually booked for the flight in the afternoon, but one month back the flight was cancelled and we were placed in the 5pm flight. Fine. We reached the airport at 3pm and due to the bad weather in Penang (it rained for 10 hours), the arriving flight from Bangkok was diverted and our flight was delayed for 3 hours. Which means, we were in the airport for 5 hours! Damn! Dah lah 3 quarter of the day wasted liao, now the whole day gone! We nearly lost patience and nearly wanted to leave the airport liao.

When we reach Bangkok it was already almost 10pm Thai time (11pm Msia time). We were staying at First House Hotel at Pratunam area, near the city center where all the malls are. The hotel was quite some distance from the airport so by the time we check in, all the shops around also closed already. End up, guess what my first meal in Bangkok was?

7-11 Hot Dog Bun

Day Two 070908, Sunday

Wake up, had breakfast at the hotel then off we go for shopping spree! First we stopped by the 4 face Buddha 'temple' cuz SS and CY wanna pray. There were these group of female dancers whom prayers pay a bit more and I think they sing some chants or something for the prayer.

As it was a weekend, of course we won't miss the Chatuchak weekend market. A favorite shopping place for the locals and tourists. We have to go there by train so we took the Bangkok LRT called 'BTS' to Mo Chit, where the market is. I tell you, it's HUGE. CY said that, if you see something you like, buy, because you won't be able to find that shop again. Which is darn true. And there is just so so so so so many things. They have sections like fabrics, accessories, men's clothes, women's clothes, households, curtains etc.

I heart their taxis. So corourful! Got green, yellow, orange, blue and pink!

It looks damn real!

I don't know how the stalls are set up but there are just all kinds of stalls. There were even students wearing school uniform, just write a note on an A4 paper saying 'need money for scholarship' or 'for education' and dance/play saxophone/sing for money.

Mugs mugs mugs

There was a shop selling puppies! So so so cute!!! Too bad we can't buy them back :(

Then then then we came by this shop that sells aaaaaaaaa lot of hello kitty and doraemon stuff!!! The first person I think of is you-know-who la. I really want to buy everything back for him de lor. Everything is so damn nice. But dunno he will use or not cuz never see him using such stuff. So next time you go only you buy yourself la ;)

Then we saw a restaurant which their fried chicken tempted us and decided to have lunch there. The weather was omg-so-hot that our head can really fry sunny side ups.

The taxi man says she look like Chinese, I look like Korean =_=" and the other one? A THAI! Hahaha!

The locals just order by themselves on that captain order but tourists have an English menu to look at. Clockwise from left: Sticky Rice, Fried Noodle, Tom Yam with Pork, Deep Fried Chicken Breast. I think we were charged slightly more expensive cuz we ordered 7 items but there were 8 or 9 ticks on the bill.

After that we walked awhile more and finally succumbed to the heat and numb of our legs so we went to the nearest JJ Mall for a drink and the complimentary air condition. Heehee! Sat for awhile and decide to head back to somewhere cooler. We nearly lost our way to the BTS station. Phew!

So we made our way to the MBK Mall, which my mum said it's a mall named after the builder's parents. There were lots of bags shops and clothes shop. Quite similar to Sungai Wang. Actually the malls in Bangkok are all quite similar to malls in KL.

Walk walk walk then we head to their Mcd to try their pork burger. Hehe. Quite nice lah I think. I love their fries!

Is Thai potato longer? How come their fries are so long?!?

After that the other two got no strength to walk already so we took the tut-tut back. After the trip, I will never think Penang drivers are scary anymore. Thank god i'm still alive.

Sorry to put this pic which SS hates a lot :p I was so scared my camera will fly away.

After putting our stuff we head out to the city center to walk around. Went to Big C supposingly just to buy super glue but someone ended shopping again!

Central World - Bangkok's latest mall. Similar to KLCC. Quite high end.

Ok, wanna see how our room looks like? It's a room for three. There's a twin bed and a single bed. In between two beds there's a 'cupboard' which monkeys can go through.

And now, our 'catch(es) of the day'...

We used a lot of plastic bags too :p

End of Day 1 and 2

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