Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Blessing in Disguise

Why must things happen at the wrong time? Why must they declare state of emergency? Why must they protest? Why must they hold parang? I'm supposed to enjoy our planned-for-a-long-time holiday! Our first trip together 'overseas'. We were all so excited about it, counting down 60 days ago, now left 3 days and now we might have to cancel it. MFKNNCCB. (I know safety first but that's how I feel now) I'm sad because we planned it since Feb. I'm sad because so near yet so far. I'm sad because if we cancel, I just waste 0.5k of my parents' money. The worse feeling is - I don't earn them. Fcuk.

Perhaps it's a blessing in disguise. At least it happened earlier instead of when we're there. *touch wood* Or is it karma for what I've said previously. Just because I said I hate 5th and 6th. Just because Danny got 3 events in that two days, doesn't mean they have to make me not able to go holiday. Bu hu~ Thanks for those who were very kind enough to concern about my trip.

Another blessing in disguise just now. What I worried of for being 'not-punctual' turned out to be something good :) I guess 'whatever happens, happens for a reason' is really true.

Oh ya, go watch Wall-e & Love Guru. Wall-e is really nice cuz got my name inside & Love Guru is super freaking funny, yet the quotes are quite inspiring. Hmm, still got so many shows not watched yet, I haven't even watch The Dark Knight. Deng.

Read a couple of friends' blogs that were very touching. Touching in the sense of friendship. I just wanna say that, this applies to everyone of you out there, I may not be your bestest friend but you can count on me as a friend. I may not be the most supportive one, but I'll be beside you. I may not be able to give you comfort/advice when you're down/need help, but I'll be listening. I may have disappointed/offended you, I'm sorry. I may not be there all the time, but I do care.

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