Sunday, September 21, 2008

Bangkok Trip 2008: Part 2

Day Three 080908, Monday

Supposingly have to wake up at 8.30am but everyone just don't want to, end up sleeping until 9.30am :p Get ready, have our breakfast, and we didn't do much for the this day cuz we only walk around the shopping malls in the Pratunam area. Baiyoke area, Pratunam, Platinum Mall, Central World, Big C etc. Cuz we were all inside the malls so we didn't much pics as well.

CY brought us to this shop called SunStar in Platinum Mall which sells lots of cartoon/cute stuff. Something like a wholesale stationery shop. If you are a fan of Disney characters or Doraemon or Snoopy, I think you will spend like half a day there. Every corner I go I see Doraemon, Disney's Princesses, Winnie The Pooh or Mickey Mouse. They have everything from notepad, pencil, rubber, comb, mirror, tupperwares, coin box, bags, toothbrush keeper, and even the car wash sponge was Doraemon shape! Arghh. Disappointed that Patrick isn't that famous, but yet glad because I wouldn't spend so much. Heehee. End up buying some Princesses stuff for my baby. Why is the Princesses a sudden trend now? I thought it's my era punya character.

Sun Star, located on the 5th floor of Platinum Mall

Cuz we spent like more than an hour inside, we felt hungry after that and decide to eat at the food court there.

Fried Oyster

Spicy Papaya Salad

A shirt I bought :)

Walk around for a bit more and decide to head back to the hotel cuz SS wanna nap. (PIG!) We bought some mango sticky rice, grilled 'hard boil egg', grilled rice cake (yucks), and thai-style roti telur pisang with condensed milk (it's nice! Just ask not to put too much milk).

At night we went out to search for some souvenirs and to find my tom yam cuz we saw some stalls near Central World selling them. But when we went there we couldn't find it! So we assume it's only open during weekends. Then we saw another stall opened but it was expensive! So there goes my tom yam. Bu hu.. Didn't even eat proper Thai food the whole trip. Damn. End up go back to the hotel without eating dinner. But was still full la so too bad.

It says 'Buzz Lightyear' but it's Doraemon =_="

Why do I see Doraemon everywhere I go?

Day Four 090908, Tuesday

Bye bye Bangkok day :( Woke up, get ready, go eat breakfast, change and take taxi to the airport. Yes, another day wasted because our flight was at 1.50pm Thai time.

Overall, kononnya 4 days trip but it's actually only 2 full days. Pffft. The havoc before we went actually kinda dampened my excitement, but overall it's still fun. It's our first trip together and more to come! :D Kinda disappointed with the flight delay and not having enough Thai food :( And two of them don't dare to go for massage so didn't :( And the stupid protest limited our destinations to travel so ish ish. Won't mind going for another time. I wanna go travelling again!!! Wua~~

When we were back in Penang, LL fetched us from the airport. Super nice of her to actually take leave for us. Thank you pumpkin :) Chao gan dong de neh! (Actually I beg her damn long dy la heehee!) So we hanged out for the rest of the evening, and guess where we went for dinner? Tao!! Wahoo! My wished-to-go-since-dunno-when place!

The salads and some of the sushi is self service, while others you order from the menu. The food are oklah, not much choice though. They don't have plain salmon sashimi, only mixed, no green tea ice cream too. The cheese scallop, grilled salmon, mantis prawn is good :) But still prefer Zen, though a bit more expensive.

One for the album

Then I kept begging them to bring me to Northam CAFE cuz I remembered Ju Yen saying it is a very nice place. Hearing the word 'CAFE' of course one would expect a nice coffee house with dim light with aromas of fresh coffee lingering in the air next to the beach la. My eyes nearly popped out when they told me it's a hawker center. Coffee shop tarak, kopitiam got lah. Chiu~~ Then, it was raining, so we didn't get to sit at the open air tables near the seaside. Too bad, it stinks anyway :p

The next day CY had to work so LL had to 'babysit' us. When I came out of the house, I saw the side of my car a bit kena bang. WTF! Yor, so malang. Dunno who did it lor cuz no one saw. Ish ish. LL brought us to jalan jalan cari makan, we went to eat Pan Mee, then New World Park with CY during her lunch break, then we went for Roti Bak Kua and Assam Laksa. Full till wanna puke. Then we went back and pack our stuff back to KL! Lololo! The end of my long-winded trip!

Thanks SS and CY for the long planned and fun trip even though it's way tooooooo short, but I had a good laugh and good 'walks'. And to pumpkin, thanks for babysitting us! Mwaksss!

It's 5am now. Nite nite!!

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