Sunday, September 14, 2008

Happy Mooncake Festie!

Happy Mid Autumn Festival everyone!!!

It was a quiet one for me. Chilled with some friends in the afternoon and family dinner at grandpa's house at night. Parents are away for holiday in somewhere in the world. I was looking for a cute tanglung but couldn't find any. So pfft, end up didn't play tanglung. The pic above was my baby cousin's one.

Very relaxing day. During dinner me and cousins recalled how we used to play tanglungs and burnt some. I wanna be back as a kid! :(

Anyway, hope everyone had a good mid autumn celebration. Wishing everyone rounds of happiness, joy, luck. Hope everyone have a great family reunion, stay peaceful and harmony. Always remember, family is the most important thing in life :)

Uncle bought mooncakes from Hilton. Blueberry cheese mooncake, choc baileys mooncake! Interesting. Oh, dad made some ping pei ones too! :) Our usual mid autumn celebration - homecooked dinner, followed by 'yum cha' session - chinese tea, mooncakes, pomelo!

I collect fancy mooncake boxes! Whoever who don't keep them can give them to me ;)

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