Friday, June 06, 2008

[Album] Danny One [All In One] Compilation Album

Danny One recently released his first compilation album upon his 7 years journey in the singing industry.

This compilation album includes 18 songs altogether. 2 new ones: Yi Qi Dao Gao (Let's Pray) which points the issue of the unhealthiness of mother nature; and Say Goodbye, an emo love song *sobz!*. The other 16 songs are compositions from the past 7 years such as Love and Freedom, Crazy, Jin Yan, Siapa, Wai Hor Xiong Tai Dor, Leng Zai etc.

This album is a must have because it includes all the BEST songs of Danny One! Replaying the album over and over again I assure you won't get bored of it! :p

Track 1 - Yi Qi Dao Gao 一起祷告
Track 2 - Say Goodbye
Track 3 - Crazy
Track 4 - Yin Wei You Ai 因为有爱
Track 5 - Love & Freedom
Track 6 - Ai Zui Da 爱最大
Track 7 - Lian Ai Le 恋爱了
Track 8 - Jin Yan 贱人
Track 9 - Dong Dong Ni 动动你
Track 10 - Bing Du Bao Fa 病毒爆发
Track 11 - Siapa
Track 12 - Wai Hor Xiong Tai Dor 为何想太多
Track 13 - Wo Bu Ming Bai 我不明白
Track 14 - Hao Si Xiang 好思想
Track 15 - Leng Zai 靓仔
Track 16 - Shi Jie Bu Hui Mo Ri 世界不会末日
Track 17 - Wanna Dance With You
Track 18 - Just The Two of Us

[All In One] is now selling at all major music stores @ RM35.
First 500 person will get a free [All In One] t-shirt by Echopark (like the one Danny wearing in the pic above)

Must buy must buy must buy!
Danny温力铭 [All In One]精彩7年音乐路_原创全记录新歌+精选

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