Thursday, June 26, 2008

Wrong one or right one?


1. I mistakenly watched 'The Happenings' which is not happening at all.
2. Crossfire is 'hawt' (I mean fire hawt not the hawt 'hawt' u get what I mean?)
3. Busy busy busy with I-don't-know-what.
4. I am SS-ing, wondering if that message is for me.
5. Everytime I try to believe, I lose faith.

Haha, nothing much, saja wanna blog.

Went Kajang today, Danny had promo at New Era College. Met up with Xiao Hui and went together. Nice place :) And most interesting one that I've been to. I think he likes it there too. Then nearly starved to death waiting for them to leave. Maybe they went and eat satay. @ss.

After that we went and eat satay. Not my first time eating satay in Kajang but my first in that shop - Restoran Malaysia. Yummy! The beef satay is good! Xiao Hui said at night it's better cuz there's chicken wing! And fish satay. Hmm, never tried fish satay before.

Then since there's nothing to do, we went LM to watch movie. Wanted to watch 'Missing' but weren't showing so we watched 'Made Of Honour' instead.

It's nice!!! Very nice!!! Nicer than '27 dresses' imo. Funny + touching. I don't mind watching it again. Hehehe! I wonder if it really happens.

Sorry bout the previous post, I'm much better now. I guess life is always unfair, it always will be. Heard something from the radio today, a quote goes 'bitterness and sweetness of coffee depends on how much sugar you add in, value of life depends on how you feel, add more sugar to your life, you'll feel much better' Meaningful, but my first thought was 'I don't want to get diabetic'. Fine, I know it's lame.

Danny will be hosting again! This time he's hosting a music programme called [M字行头] on Astro Channel 304 Jia Yu.

Starting July 5th, every Saturday 9pm. Stay tune. This programme introduces non-Chinese music such as J-pop, K-pop, Western etc. Yippee yippee!

~ Everytime I try to forget, you pop up.

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Albee said...

Wrong one or right one?? Actually nothing is wrong nothing is right. Sometimes u might think it is wrong but actually it is right but sometimes i might be right but actually is wrong. It is depends on the point of view.

Aisk.. macam teacher pula.

SATAY!!!!!!!!! MY FAVOURITE!!! Sigh i miss de Satay Malaysia satay. Telling u, Tuesday dont every go to Kajang eat satay becos Satay Malaysia OFF on Tuesday. I was there before but it is close. KNS. hehehe... I love SATAY!!