Monday, June 09, 2008

Sar si nan, sar si ni

Ok heck the title. It just came into my mind, but not knowing what it means.

Imagine your mother leaving a msg at your blog's chatbox: "This is your mother here. Just dropping by to say hi and nice blog." =_=" Ok, I'm imagining stuff up. But, I'm actually quite worried that my mom will 'so happened' visit my blog because she is SURFING MORE BLOGS THAN ME NOWADAYS! And she's BETTER IN SEARCH ENGINES THAN I AM!!! £)*&%$")(!()*£(*%£$_"(!*4*7!!!!

Nothing much, just hanged around with some friends. Phui San is leaving for UK next week, so met up with her and others. All the best in UK ya! ;) Gosh it's been so long since we meet each other, and the first thing we ask everyone was 'what are you doing now?' lol!

Went for F&N's Limited Edition Design drinks launch + competition + concert + whatever at The Curve. Ma derrr, so many people. But I enjoyed it! Danny sang 4 songs leh! Even though I was recording but it was a blast! Quite a lot of people were cheering for him :D The funny thing was, he came down from the stage, instead of moving towards him to shake hand or molest touch him or hug him or grab him, everyone moved backwards instead lol! He pitifully stood there looking left and right. So cute!! Oops. He was very open that night, inviting girls on stage lah, giving lotsa free hugs.

There were 3 new designs. One is Sarsi which has Danny's face on it, Ice Cream Soda which has Joe Flizzow, and Orange which has Meet Uncle Hussain.

Sarsi Boy *wub* (idea from Teng)

Wanted to go see Daniel just now in the afternoon geh at TTDI, but when I reached with YR, he is leaving in the car. Damn swt. Well, at least he saw us. Kakaka.

Then went to 1u to celebrate Kei's birthday :) Xing Xing!! Kekeke, happie burthday Pik Kei *lub*

God, please take away all my misery,
I just wished I know nothing,
I just hoped I have nothing to do with it,
how can I trust anyone anymore?
No one.
Jealousy, secrets, selfishness.
I will find out the truth, someday, somewhere.
*YOU* beware.

1. 3 ulcers in my mouth now, pain-ing!!
2. Kylie Kwong is coming to town! Wahoo!
3. Again, how can I trust anyone anymore?
4. I shall open few cafes in the future called 'Anything', 'Whatever', 'Cincai', 'Kau Kei' and 'Si Dan'.
5. Currently addicted to Vincy's 'Ai Yi Ge Ren Hao Lei'.
6. Danny One can draw really well!!! *hearts*
7. Craving for Kin Kin pan mee, roti bakar telur cheese, mushroom and cheese omelette, Kim Gary, fish head noodles, carbonara, caesar salad and many more!!! Arghh. I want food I need food, I want money I need money!
8. And, KNNCCB OMFG, my car petrol full tank is now RM90! Holy shyt! RM90 can buy so many things!
9. Finally, fine, everyone has watched KUNGFU PANDA! Grrrrrr!

Good night :)

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