Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Don't want to say goodbye

1. It's 5am now.
2. My ulcer is still fcuking pain-ing.
3. I'm hungry.
4. I'm craving for fried chicken.

Emo strikes again. Thanks HT for letting me attend the PC. I know I was very mafan, keep sms-ing and begging. I was excited for going, but sad after going, why? Read the newspaper when his PC news come out. Sigh!

I was emo since few days ago, thanking SY and T for spending time with me. Now I emo cuz, aih, a lot of things lah. Hou fan ah, yau mou yan hor yi gao ngor dim zou ar?

Been spending time with these bunch of crazy people these few weeks, thanks to somebody :) And we get closer and closer each day. Kekeke. More to come, but, aih, not anymore soon. AIHHHHHHH! *again, read the news on Thurs*


~ Taking a break. Looking inside from the outside :(

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