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Vacances De Falansai - Part 1: Paris

Finally I've done picking up the best photos and photoshop them for blogging. But just for Paris only.

Note: Blog might be laggish due to the extreme amount of photos. Not a lot also lah. Around 30 only =p Let the pics tell you all!

KL > Bahrain > Paris
2nd Oct

Boarded the 4.20pm Gulf Air flight. Wee hee! I feel so excited taking aeroplanes every time. 7 hours later we arrived at Bahrain, somewhere in the Middle East for a FREAKING 6 HOURS transit. Samore cannot go out of the airport. Local time there was 7pm plus when we arrived.

Jail food in Bahrain. But taste ok lah. =S

After much dreadful waiting for me, we finally boarded the flight and off we head to Paris!! Woo hoo! 6 hours later, (7.30am local time) we're finally breathing French air!

Day 2

We put our luggages at the hotel and then walked around until check in. First stop, McD of Falansai.

Me and KY ordered the royal bacon set. (Note: In France, set is called 'menu') You can choose the side dish from Fries, wedges or salad. What's different is they got pork lo, and beer! Edmund ate this McDo thingy which is bread with melted cheese and dunno ham or bacon, quite nice.

After that, we walked around the area and took some photos before we head back to the hotel (Formula 1 at Saint Ouen).

You can find a lot of these butchery shops in France.

And shops selling fruits and vegetables like this =)

Yummy! Falansai Poulet Roti, which means roasted chicken. We were tempted by it. Euro 5.20. But too full to eat. And it's cheap compared to those we saw later.

5 leng luis and one fatty. Sigh.

You open the door by keying in a 6-digit password.

Toilets are meant for sharing =S

After washing up, off we went to the center of Paris by metro. Gosh, they have 5 - 6 different train lines and it's quite complicated at first to see where to go. First stop - L'Arc De Triomphe at Champs Elysee. A monument that honours those who fought for France before.

Then, we walked all the way to the Eiffel Tower. Didn't go up, but stayed there until the sky turned dark. When the lights were lit.

When it's still bright.

Twinkle twinkle. Pretty pretty.

After that we went to Saint Michel for our dinner. Saint Michel is similar to what our Bangsar offers. There's the Saint Michel Avenue whereby whole stretch of shops are all restaurants and cafes. Offering extensive menus from 10 euro for a 3 course menu, they also have wines, seafood, cheese fondue etc. Due to the unlimited choices, we just simply decide on one and eat.

Day 3

Bought a baguette sandwich from a bakery nearby and share it with KY. It's yummy. I had 3 baguettes in 2 days LOL.

We went to Pigalle - a red light district in Paris.

They have a lot of sex cinemas, sex shops here. (I can see the male readers' eyes opening widely.)

Yummy pastries everywhere!

Passed by this Erotic Museum and they decided to go in. 5 euros. Inside there's all this STUFF and VIDEOS and PICTURES of all those sex stuff. Urgh. My deepest regret in my entire life. I felt like vomiting in there. Feel so dizzy. Samore there's 7 floors of it. Gross.

Then, we walked to Montmarte to see the Basilique du Sacre Coeur. It is a Roman Catholic basilica dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Montmarte is the highest point of the city.

Where got people take photo don't look at camera one? Zha dou. Posers.

Jay Chou wanna-bes

I'm trying very hard not to laugh. Sakai Ivy make me laugh.

Goldie! So... GOLD.

Moulin Rouge at Blanche. (I thought we were posers enough. These two leng lui lagi geng. Posing like Marilyn Monroe because the platform they stand on, actually got air coming out one)

We seriously camwhore a lot throughout the day. More to come. This is at Champs Elysee. Love the trees along the road. Very autumn feel.

Look! I can touch Eiffel Tower! Taken at Pont Alexandre.

We found a large field and the grass was so green! Camwhored like mad at that field. It was fun. We spent like 1 hour and a half there. All can be pro-feh-sional photographers in the future. Lol.


Want some Churros? It's deep fried sweet pastry. Erm, similar to yau-char-kwai but it's crunchier and eat with sugar. Very nice owners. Those that is cold, they won't sell it, they throw it away. Best eaten when it's hot.

France's Eye On Paris. I don't know what's it called la. The gondola itself will turn while the big wheel also turn. Cool!

Then, we walked to the Le Louvre Museum famous for the Da Vinci whatever. (I never watch) And oh, did I mention, the Mona Lisa painting is inside? =) We didn't go in. Heard that it's darn huge inside. Takes half a day if you really walk the whole museum. We went to the Pyramides. No, not sunway pyramid you moron.

Finally, our last stop. We decided to go back to Eiffel Tower and to go up. Since we're in Paris. And not knowing when will we be back again. But I'm definitely gonna go back again! Woo hoo! But it's freako expensive to go up. You can choose either to take the stairs or the lift. Different pricing. We took the l'ascenseur (lift) about 11 euro plus. The restaurant (neh, Rush Hour 3) is on the 1st floor. 2nd and 3rd floor are for sight seeing purposes. Can't seem to find the net which Jackie Chan fell on when he fell off the tower. Kaka. Saw the fountain they fell into kekeke!

It's freako cold up there. And windy. But nice view :)

Wokay! That's all about Paris. Still got Toulouse and Foix to come. Argh. Memafankan. Be patient!

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