Sunday, November 11, 2007

Highly Recommend - Pei Jie

This weekend is a packed one for me... Haha, not because of dissertation or work, but events! Grateful to have weekends off for this intern :)

Last Friday, went for lunch with mum at Ciao because it's just next to her office. Will post about it next time. Having destroyed my camera, now I have to rely on my phone to take pics. Which are horrible :( SLR, sob sob...

Then, went shopping at MV. Thinking there won't be much parking problem as it's not PH, but I was wrong. I spent 30 minutes looking for a parking. And the stupid thing I did was, there's two sections, the old MV parkings and the new Gardens parkings which are linked. After much rounding at the old section I decided to try my luck at the new side and just simply turn at a junction that leads to the new side. The sign shows 'Keluar' but I thought sure got a road that fork to the new side, and there was a parking machine there. Wrote 'please insert ticket'. Bodohly I thought 'okay, have to insert the ticket cuz I masuk from the old side and have to get new one from maybe somewhere in front'. Bodohly I just slide my ticket in and the bar opened. =_=" Then only I remembered there's a 20 minutes grace period after you enter the parking and I was on my way out of MV. And I had to U-turn to get back into MV. Bodoh char siew.

At night, went dinner with Sar and head to OUG for Pei Jie's promo. Upon reaching there, saw no banners or posters there so I sort of suspected if it's there. But LJ told me it's at OUG. I double confirmed with her on MSN the night before.

Me: LJ, tomorrow Pei Jie at OUG right? 10pm?
LJ: Emm... (means yes in chinese)

Went up, ordered our drinks, sensing some mistakes, I asked the waiter if Pei Jie is coming.

Waiter: Who?
Me: Pei Jie.
Waiter: Ohh, you mean Karen ar? (Referring to Karen Kong who's undergoing her promo at Halo Cafes as well)
Me: =_=" No, Pei Jie!
Waiter: (Think for 5 seconds) Nope. But Karen I know she's at one of the Halo cafes tonight lah.

(Quickly sms LJ) Woi! How come the staff say Pei Jie not here at OUG one?
LJ: Tonight is at Connaught lah!
Me: !)(&#$^!*&@#)*(!@*$)(*
(LJ called) Where are you??? Tonight is Connaught leh!

Wahliao. Zha dou. Quickly finish our drinks and rush to Connaught. But manage to listen to a few songs that the unplugged cafe singers that night sing before we left. Nice voice the guys have. Kenji and Jerry :) The girl also not bad. Can't remember her name though :p At Connaught, the crowd was... erm... not very good... sales also sigh... but what to do, newbie ma... Plus lack of media promotions.

Joseph (left) and Pei Jie :)

Yesterday leh, went for the Battleground recording. One that I laughed the most. Laughed a lot, and was scared at the same time :S And at night went for Pei Jie's promo at OUG this time. Confirmed, re-confirmed and double triple confirm with LJ first. Had dinner at Boon Boon then head to Halo Cafe. Soohui and her gang followed him throughout the three promos. Pei Jie remembered and thanked them. He looked around and said everyone looked so familiar and ask those who is meeting him the first time to raise up their hands. Then he looked at our table and said so it's not the first time you see me? We said 'yesterday'. Then he said 'Yesterday! No wonder you all looked so familiar!'

He was smiling and joking the whole night through and he said he feels very comfortable here compared to the previous 2 promos. He said he keep wanting to laugh but cannot. Then the emcee asked for the reason, and asked maybe it was because of the things he ate in Ipoh cuz he had a promo in Ipoh that morning. He said 'We ate Gu Lu Gu Lu Yok!" Me and Sar laughed sooooo loud! He's so cute lah. His small gestures really so funny. He was singing one song and looked over to his PAs and did the 'very hot!' sign. Haha, I think only a few of us saw.

He sang a lot of songs... Faye Wong's songs medley with Joseph and various songs related to friendship. And not forgetting his singles 'Wo De Yi Hao Peng You' (My Number One Friend). I admire his voice, very soothing, very comfy listening to him sing. And he's good in playing the guitar, good in talking (he hosted Pin Guan's promo last time in Sarawak - yes he's from Kuching). And he's only 19! Oh yeah, he was I don't know winner or finalist of Digi Celebriteen 2006 lah. Currently he's doing his promos to sell his singles... His company say he has to sell 5000 copies of the singles then only can release EP. So my faithful readers, support Pei Jie yo! The singles is only RM10! He sang "Yue Liang Dai Biao Wo De Xin" spontaneously when someone requested it. Kena sot by him singing that song. But too bad, he's too young :p Really a talented guy he is :) Highly recommend. I'm gonna try going to all his promos in KL.

His upcoming schedules -
15th Nov (9.30pm - 10.30pm) - Juru Halo Cafe (near Penang)
19th - 22nd Nov (4.00pm - 5.00pm) - Ai FM guest host
23rd Nov (9.30pm - 10.30pm) - Klang Halo Cafe

~ Am I hidden from everything, or everything is hidden from me?


Shin Sar said...

Er, I thought you introduced Pei Jie before in your blog, saying that he's the 1st Runner-up for Digi Celebriteen 2006?

Anyway and by the way, I think he's worth our support.

Klang Klang Klang!!!!

Eve Lynn said...

Just checked... 2nd runner up for DC 2006 :)

He's cute! Hahaha!

I wanna go Juru can ar? :p