Monday, November 26, 2007

Happy happy!

Wanted to blog about part 3 of my france trip but I am way too lazy to upload the pics :p Next time la hehe. It's already 1 month plus passed but still not done with posting. Oopsie!

Had a great week. Monday went for Danson's promo at Selayang just to see how is it, then Keon and Genie was 988's guests on Tues - Fri, managed to listen a bit. Keon's voice *thumbs up*. He sang JJ's "Killer", Jay's "Bu Neng Shuo De Mi Mi", Gary's "Bei Pan" (higher by half a key compared to Gary!) and a lot more. Friday went for dinner at Edmund's working place - Vintry (yummy yummy, thanks Ed :D) and Pei Jie's promo at Klang. He's very high too that day, very cute. Saturday went for Battleground recording and managed to take pics with a lot of ppl :) At first when we were waiting for the recording to start, we keep looking at Danny to say hi. But he never even look at us. We were so sad, thought he angry at us or something. We stare at him also he can't feel it. Until like after 15 minutes he saw us and said "Eh?!? How come I didn't see you all. Sorry" =_=" Managed to take a nice group pic with him :) Sunday just spend time with my family.

Happy happy :) Managed to chat with two unexpected ppl :) Really unexpected that this person message me first :)

This week I'll be at 1U's outlet from mon - thurs. Should be working 11 - 7.30 everyday gua... Don't know my full schedule yet. Next week also at 1U i think. Data entry konon. Visit me when you're free :) *lub*

~ Desperado. Busy December.

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