Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Intern @ Bakerzin

Great! Went for the MCA 50th Merdeka Anniversary Cultural and Arts Performance at Bkt Jalil Stadium. My water bottle cap was loose and water leaked into my bag. And now, my camera is spoilt! Wuaaa~~~ I need a camera to survive! Maybe it's a sign, for a new SLR. However, my mum disallowed me from buying SLR. Saying it's so heavy. And still! I need my camera to record!

It rained throughout the whole concert. Aiyah, yu zhong also never perform, why rain wor! Soaking wet even though we have ponchos over us. But get to see Danny in a blue collar long sleeve with a black vest, wah seh! Hensem! Keke. But it was quite boring though. Didn't really enjoy it. Sigh. Due to the rain. And my camera. Double sigh.

Ok, back to my work. So, I've started my internship on Monday, at Bakerzin. Many people don't know about this Bakerzin but it's a Singapore brand opened by Mr. Daniel Tay - a chef specializing in French pastry. Then Mr. Daniel Yong and Puan Siti Yuhaniz franchised it in Malaysia. Bakerzin is more of famous for their desserts rather than main course. Sort of like 'Desserts in Bakerzin are the main course'. Get it?

This week, me, Ivy and KY just jump around. Monday we were at 1U, Tues at The Gardens and Wed and tomorrow at KLCC. Bakerzin has 6 branches nationwide - 1U, Bangsar Village 1, Bangsar Village 2, KLCC, Queensbay Mall and The Gardens. For KLCC and The Gardens, the Bakerzins are situated inside Isetan, which many people don't know.

Work was okay this week. Met many new people from different outlet. Most of them are quite friendly and helpful. Today was the busiest. Full during lunch hour. Somehow I feel that it's more fun working in the kitchen, but too bad my topic is not about kitchen. Sigh.

Tried a few dishes there, it's damn nice. Seriously. For me lah. Hehe. But it's quite pricey though. Bakerzin food are made WITHOUT MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) and all made start from scratch. Even tomato sauce are made from fresh tomatoes, therefore the waiting time for the food is much longer. They don't pre-cook any dishes before hand. Which i find it quite interesting and nice.

Dishes to recommend (a lot leh!) - Mini tapas, warm choc cake, coupe cheesecake (actually is 3 scoops of cheese ice cream la with strawberry coulis), roasted chicken salad, otak bruschetta, seafood pasta, fettucini meatball, clam pasta. Pizza looks nice, brioche with mushroom looks nice, seafood fried rice looks nice but haven't try yet. Hehe. Some like the Irish Bailey's Souffle, Tiramisu, Chocolate Amer. And their cappucino all on top got heart shape foam one leh! So nice! :)

Come visit me anytime when I'm working. I'm working from Monday to Thursday. But don't know what shift lah. Give me a call if you feel like visiting me. Depending which outlet I'm at. If you want to belanja me dinner at Bakerzin also can geh. No problem tee hee! Just call me. Aiya, must promote Bakerzin a bit mer.

1U - New Wing, Ground Floor
KLCC - Next to Isetan Supermarket, 3rd Floor (opposite Sun Moulin bakery)
The Gardens - Inside Isetan, 2nd floor (opposite I-Club counter)
Bangsar - BV1 and BV2

(Psst, too bad Leisure Mall don't have. Sigh. Haha! Kidding!)

FYI: Isetan Member Card can get 10% discount. CIMB, SBB, Direct Access Credit Cards also. (Terms and conditions apply). If not leh, our promotion now is Tea Time Promotion whereby you order one slice of cake (any) and one serving of coffee or tea (any) for only RM14++. (Eh, cheap leh!) For KLCC and Gardens leh, above RM50, Isetan Member can get free plated dessert. (Any dessert from the menu leh! Gao siao! But subject to availability lah.)

Oklar, will blog about my France trip this weekend. Be patient! :) Thanks to all my faithful readers. Love you all.

~ If only I know what's going on.

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hyin said...

So sad to hear about the cam. Yeah get an SLR. Nowadays they are quite small. you can expand later.