Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Half way hanging

Sigh, really it suits for me to be a member of the TEG family (The Emo Gang). I can just turn moody in a blink of an eye.

Today work was actually fun. Very fun I would say. Staffs at 1U were very nice towards me. I actually enjoyed working there and even thought of working permanently there after I graduate. But, honestly speaking, it might look like it's a nice place with good food, but working for it may not be the same. I guess it occurs the same at all establishments lah. Not only here.

Then, towards the end, I suddenly feel very geram. I dunno why. I guess it's because one of the chef sort of nagged me when I was in the kitchen when it was super busy. Argh.. forget about it. It got me thinking, to work in the kitchen, seriously gotta be tough. I can predict in the future I will get scoldings and scoldings by chefs. Are all the chefs like that? They'll screw you like hell when it's busy, their face black like charcoals, and then after that they'll be like hee hee haa haa with you. and also thanks to some annoying CB face ppl there la... @ssface... *not mentioning who*

Was supposed to finish work 7.30pm but boss ask me stay and help out until 8pm cuz suddenly a lot of tables. End up helping until 9pm. Was sort of like complaining a bit because I don't get any OT money. Then only I realize boss and Fadli also the same. They work even longer hours than me. Never break and no OT as well. End up I feel so guilty on my way back I msged boss to say sorry. Sigh. Come to think of it, it's true, working in the hospitality line, you must be ready to face this kinda situation. Work non stop, sometimes even 12 hours a day. am I willing to take this responsibility?

Accept the fact, everybody who live in this world do things for a reason. For their own benefits. Financial wise, social wise, mental wise etc. Why do people work? For money. Why do people invest? For money. Why do people buy shares? For money. Why do people work harder? For more money. I can already predict my future to be this way. I'm willing to work like that. Of course, if it's worth it lah. If work so hard, no return, what for work so hard?

Ok, I don't know what am I rambling about too. Fcuk it. Bye.

~ Striving to achieve my dreams


hyin said...

Price war...... D300 is now RM5500 at Selangor Photo Pertama Complex.


Eve Lynn said...

Key Color selling 5700.

Haha, wait until January see how :p