Wednesday, November 07, 2007


This morning woke up late for work. Luckily mum came in, and I was like 'Oh Shyt!' and jumped out of bed. Was late for 5 minutes. Sigh, what a failure I am. Got the Nokia N95 8GB launching at the concourse there. Private function for media. So was downstairs serving food and drinks. Walk up and down to take things from Bakerzin and go back down to the concourse for like 6 to 7 times. Pfft. Tired. Then was polishing the cutleries and I terbalik-ed the tray with the cutleries. Failure among the failures.

Been complaining a lot lately. About work. About people. About everything. Guess I have to see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil. From mon - today I was at 1U outlet. Tomorrow PH so holiday. Haha, work 3 days off 4 days. Geng leh? Kekeke. Everyday half an hour break only. How to makan? By the time go and tapao also 15 minutes gone already. Have to bring food from home already. Today so kesian, eat maggi mee only ar... maggi mee kosong samore. Ish.

Been making some counting these few days, and I realize I am quite fated with the number '17'. Why? Let me tell

  • My birth date is 17.
  • My car number plate adds up to be 17.
  • My birth date and month adds up to be 17 as well.
  • During diploma I was in batch 17.
  • Danny's birthday is 17 =)
  • CY's birthday is 17 =p
  • I know someone whose birthday is same as me. Different year only. Another 17.
  • My bestie during kindergarten and primary was born on 17th too.
  • Daniel's birthday is 1st July. So it's 1-7 also.
Well, that's all I can think of for now lah. Will add some more if I get to any.

P/S: But I don't read 'Seventeen' :p

~ Craving for phood all the time =X

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