Thursday, November 15, 2007

Emo Virus Attacks Again

This week I'm working at Garden's Bakerzin. Boring to the boring-est to the most boring. 8 hours and a half is like 8 years and a half to me. Time passes soooooo sllloooowwww. And there are very few guests only. Today I was bored enough I wiped all the chairs and tables, and even wanted to count how many coffee beans in a packet.

I guess it was way too boring today, that the emo virus attacks me again *stare at pokok* Suddenly I just think a lot of stupid things. A lot of 'what ifs' appeared in my head. Negative ones. Don't know why, suddenly just have the urge to move to Penang. Haha! Seems to be losing touch with a lot of friends. Perhaps I'm not a reliable friend after all =S And I have a feeling my colleagues dislikes me... even though they treat me nice. Sigh. Nearly cried at work. But just tahan cuz not nice mar. Luckily ivy, ky, ss and cy keep smsing me. Missing all my classmates. Missing all my friends. Ivy, Ker ying :( Help me... sobz! Anyway, thanks hutan for coming to find me ;-) Had dinner at Seed Cafe. Maybe it was my mood, the food was so so only. Ordered Green Tea Milkshake, no green tea taste one... Would be better if they add red bean inside.

Panasonic Lumix FZ18, new model, RM1599. Free 2 gb memory card etc. Leica lens, 18x zoom. Sounds good. To buy or not to buy? Sigh.

Recently, a 'someone' annoys me. I shouldn't be annoyed because what 'someone' do is not wrong. Maybe 'someone' is just friendly and helpful. Or wanting attention from the blog owner? Leaving DAILY DOSES of footprints. I guess the owner is very fond of 'someone'. Same interest, same channel. Who am I to even bother? Argh, kcuf it. NOMB. Just ranting. 'Someone' annoys me without doing anything wrong :)

Am looking for a crystal ball with a white christmas tree in it. Anyone can help? :)

*Note: Pei Jie's Juru Halo Cafe promo canceled. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

~ I'll never break my promise. I hope you won't too.


chunyiun said... now its my fault u kena attack by the emo virus again yea? but hor, ur *stare* not scary one la...nyek nyek nyek...

Anyway, emo-ing is very NORMAL is TEF its okla..acceptable..haha..but im praying dat the virus dun attack me again lor...=D..

Please come to Penang to stay and work...i would gladly welcome u here..Muahahaha...Dun emo liao lah u!

Shin Sar said...

I think I know who's that 'someone' and 'owner'. Hahaha.

TEF man sui!!! Eh, TEG also nice mah. THE EMO GANG or THE EMO GALS. Don't follow people use family la. hehe... just my opinion :p

Eve Lynn said...

Pokok: Wait until i finish training first lah... see how... kakaka... see whether got suitable job or not first mah

Hutan: I know... purposely wrote so obvious one... kakaka... Ok, TEG not bad :)

megdalyn said...

i think i oso noe who is dat 'sumone' n da 'owner'.. haha..

i'l come n find u afta SPM if u're stil workin.. hehehe..

Eve Lynn said...

Meg: You know i know sky knows earth knows can dee la... kakaka...

Okay... Yeah... i'm working till feb...