Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Vacances De Falansai, Part 2: Toulouse

Ok, just a short one on Toulouse cuz we only spent two days there.

Day 4 (5th Oct)

We had to travel from the hotel to the train station where we will be taking the train to Toulouse by ourselves. It was a dreadful trip because we have to carry our own luggages up and down the metro stations which have many flights of stairs. Bought a baguette in Montparnasse train station as breakfast (3rd baguette in 2 days)

If you're going to France, PLEASE take note that the train close the door and leaves VERY VERY ON TIME. We actually arrived at the station early but the lecturers gave us the ticket late. So, we were like pushing ourselves into the train. But the door closed before all of us could get in. Those outside had to shout and ask the captain to open, and the captain was scolding non stop. Dramatic, but it's true.

It takes 5 hours by TGV to Toulouse, passing by Bordeaux and Florence if i'm not mistaken. We were stuck in the middle of nowhere for 2 hours, due to some accidents in front i think. When we reached Toulouse Matabiau Train Station, we walked 15 minutes to our hotel and met Mr Eric Olmedo there. Our ex-director of studies. Wash up and left for the centre of Toulouse - Capitole. We were supposed to go to Sebastian (our French classmate)'s house but we were late due to the 2 hours delay. So we round the area to search for dinner, saw a Chinese fast food restaurant (mixed rice style) but hell it was expensive. End up with McD cuz we were late. Then all of us gathered at Capitole and went to Chic for clubbing. Organized by Sebastian and Etienne for us Malaysians. Seb's bro was the DJ there. Erm, we just sit down and drink coke =_=" Not my cup of tea.

Day 5 (6th Oct)

Toulouse is a very small place. Limited places to go, and all can be reached by walking. So we went to the morning market first. Whole stretch of fresh goodies. Vegetables, fruits, grapes, juicy tomatoes, seafood, cheese, raw meat, roasted meat, pickles, mushrooms. We bought a lot of things to try. Muscat grapes (must try! Heaven!), peaches, roasted duck. Yummeh!

Then, we headed to the Basilique St Sernin. A church built back in the 14th century. Love the artistic carvings there. There were a lot of stalls in front of the church selling paintings and 2nd hand goods.

This Lafayette seems to be a famous brand in France. And huge. Similar to maybe Jusco or Carrefour here. Found it in Paris and Toulouse. They have 'Lafayette Maison' (household stuff), 'Lafayette Gourmet' (food), 'Lafayette Homme' (Men), 'Lafayette Femme' (Ladies).

Cute hor? It's candles!

On the way out we saw these bunch of guys dressed up like this... =_=" Wonder where they are going...

Then we went for lunch at this restaurant recommended by Lorraine they all. Fresh seafood. We had fish soup, salmon carpaccio, mussels in cream and white wine sauce, fresh seafood and a cassoulet. Yum yum. Very very fresh. You eat the oysters here, you will find Malaysia's oyster are like 'sai' ;P I'm serious! (Even Shangri La's. Oops!)

Then we went and walk around Capitole. It's actually a square and lots of al-fresco cafes and restaurants around it.

Pont Neuf bridge. It used to be the only bridge linking both sides of the river in dunno-what century :p

Ahh... our first time enjoying a cup of hot coffee in France. But, seriously, difference in culture. French ppl enjoys their coffee slowly, but we drink up like a cow drinks water. Gulp down quickly. Haha. But honestly I can't take it when my drink became cold.

At night, we went to do some laundry at those self service laundry shop. Thought it will only take awhile but it took 2 hours! Then we were late for the dinner organized by Seb and Etienne at Bodega near Capitole for all 80 of us. There was a quarter final rugby match between France and All Blacks that night. I think the whole France is out watching the game.

My main course. Duck heart =S Sounds and look gross but it tasted not bad :) We had tapas for appetizer and some dunno what tart for dessert. Hehe! Food was so so lah. Of cuz, France won the match, and on our way home, cars were honking, people were jumping and shouting, waving the flag. Wahliao, quarter final jeh wor...

That's about it for Toulouse. The next morning we head to Foix. To be continued :)

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