Monday, October 15, 2007

Memorable Trip

I am back from France! Arrived 2pm in the afternoon just now. Went to 3 places in France which were Paris, Toulouse and Foix. Besides the dreadful transit time of 6 hours in Bahrain, 13 hrs on the plane each way, the tiring up and down the stairs of the metro stations with all your luggages and the management game, everything else was lovely. Weather was Genting-like as it is the end of autumn, it was so comfortable walking around with such cool air. Spent most of my money in eating instead of shopping. Not cheap to eat or shop there. Don't convert, seriously, if not, you'll die of heart attack.

I personally like Toulouse the most. I don't know why. I just like it. A small 'kampung' town but it has everything from pubs to clubs to McD kekeke. Photos will be up SOON. When I get from everyone.

Can't online often this week cuz exam is up next week. Sigh, if i fail it, means I'm dead. Perhaps the word 'RESIT' is welcoming me. I brought my notes to France with me, end up not touching it at all. After that, internship time. No time for leisure anymore. Have to rush for my dissertation deadline. Sigh.

The trip actually gave me a lot of time to think about everything. Especially during travelling times in trains, buses, metros and walking. At times I wished I could stay in France and not coming back to Msia. Sigh, I don't know why. But, holidaying there is fun, but when you stay there, it's not. True enough.

-If only I can know what's on your mind :)
"Love si ha mi?" - Love si hamsap hamsap lah :D

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sarahg said...

Ermmm..i liked tht line too. i laughed and laughed.

You are NOT going to fail your exams. You are NOT You are NOT. So dont even think about it. Study well! And good luck!