Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Falansai Toast, Falansai Fries and Falanza?

Went to 1U this morning, the plan was to have lunch at Bakerzin then shop for stuffs. Was supposed to meet at 12.30pm, but the girl who usually is the latest one was the earliest, and the one who say 'go earlier leh! jam!' end up 45 minutes late. KNS...

It rained since 6am throughout the whole morning, and the air cond in Bakerzin was darn freaking blardy cold. Due to the lack of financial resources (sigh, if only I have the money), we only ordered one Fried Calamari Salad, one Seafood Pasta, one Lamb Stew, and the dessert tapas to share among 5 of us. Someone told us that the portion is very big so it's ok to share. But, to me it wasn't that big after all. I alone can finish the pasta and lamb stew ler. Ish ish. And the bill was not cheap though. Sigh. High class restaurant is like that one ler.

Then we went to Giant to buy our stuff. Didn't buy much. Only share shampoo and soap with KY, then bought some convenience food. Then I left to go Pyramid to collect my specs. I made new pair of specs from A-Look. Hytex Studio opening today, so went and look see look see but nothing interests me. Pyramid 2 is opened already. I mean, some shops are opened, but a lot still renovating. Looks kinda messy... the links are like Times Square, here link to there, there link back here. @_@ Then I went to Seksyen 14 bazaar to buy some food and went to my grandpa's house.

It's 3am now and I haven't done packing my stuff. In 13 hours time I'll be on my way to Falansai!! Woo hoo~ it's included in our degree program, so called expenses paid but actually it's already included in our school fees since diploma. Going to Paris, Toulouse and Foix. It was said to be 2 weeks, but actually only 12 days. And in the 12 days, 2 days gone due to the long duration of flight. Then minus 2 more days of travelling in metros and trains and whatsoever. So actually only 8 days there =_=" Minus 4 days of management game, so basically only 4 days of fun. Chiu. It's ok, I shall go eat tonnes of Falansai Toast, Falansai Fries, Falansai Bean, Falansai Loaf, Falansai Fried Rice, if not, I just Falanza loh! Haha, ok, it's due to the lack of sleep. Good night. I'll be back on the 14th! Don't miss me! But I'll miss you all! Mwaks!

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