Friday, October 26, 2007

Semi Graduate + Connaught Pasar Malam + Emo Randoms

Finally! End of exams! 3 freaking study-till-i-want-to-die days. I even made an appointment with KY to jump down from KLCC at 12am because I seriously think I'm gonna fail some of the papers. Especially fcuk idiotic moronic stupid FINANCE paper. Spotting on ratios and all, having quite some confidence in cash flow, maaaa jiiii boxxx (cursing word creation by Edmund) our beloved finance lecturer come up with BALANCE SHEET. Of all things, BALANCE SHEET. And of all methods to do, he gives the 2006 B/S and ask you to do 2005's. Wtf man! Ask us to study cash flow statement, so I study kau kau on CFS and you come out BALANCE SHEET.

Ok, so exams over. No more exams forever! (Unless I failed and have to resit the papers), I just have to finish this 4 months internship coming up, do my dissertation, go for the oral defense and that's it! I'm done! But, so what? I seriously don't feel anything after exams over. Wokayh, it means, I'm gonna have to start work already. People will go like, oh yeah, a degree in hand! But I seriously am not feeling anything at all. No excitements, no sadness or whatsoever.

But, exams over, it's time to celebrate! Went home and waited for the others to be ready for Connaught pasar malam. 7 of us - me, Foo Ah Ma, Mrs Ah Moo, Vi Ni, Edmund, Darren and Woan Jian; Terence & Shiao Teng joined us later. Dunno which turtle is even slower than turtle, 5.45 I waited until 7pm leh KNS! Connaught pasar malam tends to be one of the longest pasar malam in KL I assume. There's just so much food, so many things there, and it's looooong and crowded. Argh, it was a suffering for me to walk through the crowd. We ate so much stuff such as lok-lok, deep fried battered cempedak, red bean ice, fish balls etc etc etc.

Red bean ice :)

Voo doo dolls. Each doll has their specific meanings and character.

All of us were adventurous enough to try the famous Chew Chew 'smelly tofu' . We bought 8 pieces. It was really smelly when we queue to buy, from far you can smell it. But when we ate it, it tasted okay. Only rather bland taste of bitterness. The taste is even lighter than petai. Eating it with kim chi, yum yum.

Chow tau fu :)

I would say that this pasar malam opens the latest too because it opens until quite late. There are even rela members aiding the traffic of cars and people.

Cute? It's potato chips.

We only left at 11pm. Saw a lot of nice shoes and boots there. But sadly I wasn't really attracted to the food there. Maybe because there's just too many stalls. But I do see some familiar stalls which also opens in TD pm.

I've still got a few blog postings in my mind. Haven't even blog about the Falansai trip. Too many pics. Too many things to blog about.

Am currently feeling quite emo. Argh, thanks to wwt. Well, I shouldn't blame her. There's just too many things happening. Suddenly just cried out for no reasons. Too many things in my mind. Is it really them? Or is it just me?

1. Been reading Michy's blog, what a pity. She's good in making those video clips, very creative. Lots of video presentation at events were done by her. Mich, I have faith in you. Go for your dreams. Suddenly I just felt grateful to be able to study what I'm interested in. I'm lucky to have supportive parents that allow me to study what I want.

2. Few days ago I was defending it, because I believe in it. But am I just lying to myself? It's really true though. Nothing really happened until now. I'm not wanting it for myself, but for everyone. I'm losing my faith in it. I don't know why. Not one, but a few. Why are people so fake? Why some people never change? Is it worth it after all? Don't expect anything is also an expectation. Rachteng is right. No matter in what aspect, I guess it's better to just do and expect nothing in return.

3. I feel like I don't understand at all. I seemed to always make wrong interpretations, wrong information received. Don't say things for the sake of making people happy. Say because you mean it, and mean it from the bottom of your heart. And always remember what you said.

4. Sigh, gonna have financial shortage for the coming 4 months. Yet, so many things on my wish list.

5. Sometimes, it's better to believe only half of what people say. You never know how true things can be, or how fake it could be.

I really don't know what I'm crapping about. Gosh, 4.40am dy. Gd night.

~ I'm a good friend who don't know anything about you.
~ When will the journey of stars end?

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