Friday, October 19, 2007


Sigh, I think everybody is busy studying, making notes, revising notes they have made perhaps months ago. While I, sit here, writing my blog. Gosh, I think only I'm so 'free' to write my blog. Not that I've finish studying, but not even started studying yet. No mood to study at all. Next monday exam starts and I think I only revised 20% of my notes. Dim shuin hou? Sei loh like that.

I snap one ar... yeng mou? :D

I've got tonnes of things on my to-have wishlist. So many things that I want to have or want to buy. But, no money no talk. Will list out my to-have list next week. So many things to buy, so many things to do. Argghh! Kau meang ah, kau meang ah, sat yan ah, sat yan ah...

Perhaps I shall consider buying from EBAY. Can anybody tell me whether is it save to purchase from ebay?

Next week... so many events after exam... 25th Daniel @ TARC, 26th Danny @ Genting, 27th KF @ Sg Wang, Darren's party, 28th Danny @ Bkt Jalil. Anybody want to go for the 50th Merdeka Anniversary Cultural and Arts Performances on 28th @ Stadium Bukit Jalil? I've got a few more VIP passes. How VIP is VIP that I'm not sure. But Danny's gonna duet "SIAPA" with Xie Wan Ting (the girl voice in the song) for the first time!!! Got Guang Liang, Andrew Tan, Erra Fazira, Wang Meng Lee etc. Wahaha. Sudah habis exam can go la nyek nyek. Then, in November got Pei Jie's promos all in Halo cafes. I wanna go! Hopefully I can go for those in KL :)

Oklar, better go study liao. If not, I will play hangman soon. Namo namo, God, give me some tipsi ler... *pengsan*

~ How did they know? =S
~ Expect the unexpected.

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