Sunday, October 28, 2007

261007 MACIP @ Genting

Went to Genting on Friday to watch the Miss Astro Chinese International Pageant. H2T got some tickets that's why.

Took the bus from TD to KL Sentral and waited for Pik Kei there. Went there quite early thinking of going for a hair cut at those QQ salon but there was none. So took my lunch at McD while waiting for Kei. McD's food seems to be getting worse. I lost my appetite looking at the pathetic McChicken set which was what I felt very simply done. The fries were so not tasty.

Took the 4pm bus up to Genting and got our tics from H2T. Checked in, and quickly rush out for a quick dinner. Walked around searching for cheaper and nicer food but the nice Pandan Jaya pork ball noodles cafe was closed for renovation. So we end up at Sushi King. Quite expensive though. Sigh, Japanese food, not cheap. Not to say being bias or what, but Zen food is still so much better. Somehow I just like Zen's food compared to Sakae or Sushi King or any other.

7pm - Went to the Genting International Showroom and there were whole group of people queuing outside the entrance already. Saw Wu Guo Fei there. 7.30 we were allowed to go in. Saw Elvis (from New-z). And Derrick (from P.A.B) :) And the mood for the rest of my evening was spoilt due to the incident below:

We went in, of course common sense we'll rush to the seatings nearest to stage. But all the seats have stickers of the pageants' names on. Uh ohh, we're not any of their relatives or friends. Thought of sitting with Christina's gang, but when we asked, they looked at us one kind so, nvm, walked away. So we decided to ask the staff.

Me: (Not knowing where is the free seating section) Erm, may I know where can I sit? (Showing my ticket)
Worker A: (Stare at the ticket for 10 seconds) Erm, I don't know. You ask the person behind.
Me: (A little annoyed, went to another person) Erm, may I know where is the free seating?
Worker B: (Stare at the ticket for 10 seconds) *not again!* Erm, I don't know eh. You go in front and find yourself lah! (I'm not exaggerating!)

Luckily the supervisor came after that and show us where to sit.

WTF! As a guest, I am annoyed. As being in the service industry, I'm SUPERBLY annoyed! Ma chow turtle, Genting event supervisors, please brief your staff before any events begin lah for God's sake. Not only that they don't know anything, they even give the wrong information on the seatings! Samore can say 'go find yourself'. I ask you go die, you die or not? Chiu! Geramnya.

Ok, the show started at 8pm sharp. Before that we pay our respect to the late Datuk Seri Lim Goh Tong by standing in silence for 1 min. The show was quite boring though. And the lady emcee - Debbie Goh's (1998 champion) Cantonese is bad. Can't understand what she was saying.
Talent time. Finally something more interesting. Christina played the chinese drum. Joanne played the piano. Got yoga, street dance, boxing, latin dance, kungfu etc. The best was Tiffany, a national gymnastic. Awesome and darn flexible la she.

Bikini time. Danny's time too. He came out and rap. Rap what? 32 24 36. Haha! Yeap, he rap about the pageants. One by one. I mean, he rap about each pageant's profile. And the rap was darn good! No mistake. He took 2 - 3 weeks to write the lyrics. Perhaps he spent quite some quality time with each pageant? Haha! So many sexy leng lui surrounding him, didn't make mistake, one word - geng! Samore not rap about 1 or 2 or 3 wor, rap about all 10 pageants leh! Gao siao! Then we thought he will sing another song, mana tau after talking to the emcees, he left the stage. And never came up again! Zha dou. Disappointing. Not enough lor ok! Ish.

Top 5 result was based on SMS voting. Chistina, Naomie, Joanne, Emily and Tiffany got in top 5. Final result from 5th to champion - Christina, Emily, Naomie, Tiffany and Joanne. As expected. Joanne was favored by ALL the judges, and ALL the ex-pageants. Hope she'll make it big, hope she will be favored the same in the International competition next year :)

We left and head to the Resort Cafe to wait for the post party. Cutiebee came and join us after she finished work. Of cuz we can't go in but we wait to see the celebs. Waited for like 1 hour before the pageants and celebs came. Gosh, looking at all those chun-ted bodies make me feel so low-self esteemed. We took silly pics, singing and laughing loudly while we were waiting. Sakais.

Saw Danny but he was on the phone. When he finished talking we shouted. Hmpf, just now in the show he didn't see us, cannot! Must let him see that we came to see him. Haha. Lame. He belum go in we already waiting. He come out also we still waiting. He asked us how was it, we said not enough, he just smiled and shrugged and left. Then the 3 of us went and eat supper.

After that, Kei was having headache so we decide to go back to the room. Missing my strawberry cheesecake, I decided to go to the Starbucks near 1st world hotel to buy. Suddenly saw Danny at the counter ordering! We were like 'how come's he's there?'. I walked to the counter but just stare at the floor and walk. Suddenly the idiot server at the counter shouted 'Good Morning!' then Danny turned to see who's behind. He looked in front again then stopped and looked back at us. I just smiled and continue my order. Aww, *disappointed again* no cheesecake :( so I ordered hot choc to take away. I looked at the place to collect the drinks, Danny wasn't there so I thought he walked out already. When I walk over to collect my drink, he was there. Scared me.

Took my drink, and walk out. This sakai Kei didn't want to go back to the room say want to walk around. So we jalan jalan around First World Plaza. Go up only, while walking, I looked around and suddenly saw Danny & H2T heading our direction. Wah liao, so got fate meh? Haha. I laughed and tell Kei 'look to ur left'. She 'OI?' and laughed too. Rupa-rupanya starbucks server down, cannot online. They head back to their room. We walk around awhile more and head back to our room.

Already dead tired but both of us still don't want to sleep. Chat chat chat until 3 something. But it was a really nice chat though. Thanks for the wonderful chat session, Kei :)

Woke up at 10.15am and get ready to go back KL. Had our breakfast then took the Skyway down. Headed to Sg Wang for the Nation Care Charity roadshow. Waited until 2.30pm only start. Artistes who came were Karen Kong, Kwok Fai, 5 of the Star Idol, and Vick. I like the girl emcee, Zheng Ruo Bing :) Very pretty girl! Very cute.

Grab some tickets then head home by bus. Donated RM10 for the Nation Care. Really effective one wor. When I was at Brickfields waiting for the bus to come, I saw this guy in pink who looks familiar, and I simply say to myself 'This guy should be taking the same bus as me one'. Wah, really woh! Then when I was walking behind him, he suddenly give me one bus ticket. (Rapid KL buses are RM2 daily, don't care how many times you take in a day it is still RM2). Maybe he got extra guah. Haha. Saved my RM2. Kekeke. I was taken back that I forgot to thank him :p

Went home, took a nap and head to Darren's party. Darren ar, must improve your map drawing skill leh. At least draw lah 2nd junction or 1st junction. Pengsan aku tengok your map. All the food were cooked by his mum. Geng! Beef Rendang was superb! Too bad I didn't get to try the Sherpherd's Pie which KY said it was nice. It was fun hanging out for the night. Douglas came too, with Jane! Long time no see, bro. I guess it's the last time we hang out before all of us gets busy with our intern. Sigh, I wonder when will we get together again. Sigh.

P/S: Image upload got problem. Only manage to upload 1. Bare with my long draggy posting. Good night.

~ 不在乎天长地久,只在乎曾经拥有

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