Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Best Countdown

Yo! Written a looooong post yesterday, but when I click 'Publish' everything disappear! So, next time if you are writing a post, make sure you copy it before you click publish. Skcuf!

31st December - Well, on New Year's Eve, I spent it at Sungai Wang for countdown. Wasn't interested to go at the first place due to the fact that it will be freaking super duper crowded, but I was tempted because Danny and LYZ are performing. Went to Sg Wang at 1pm and stood at the stage until 12.45am the next morning. Almost 12 hours of standing, my leg was soooooo pain at the end of the day. Wait, it should be at the beginning of the year.

Manage to see the artists doing their sound checks and rehearsals. Andrew, Anthony, Nick, Jin Sha, Jeff, Morna, Daniel, LYZ, Danny, John, Des, Vchuan, Suki, Ah Du and Lam Yik Pong.

The countdown party officially started at 10pm. We were standing on the left side of the stage, behind the fence of cuz. Thanks to the KP for letting me standing in front and fanning me all the time. Mwaks. Our view was great and most of the artists love us! We were so-called the loudest (I mean everybody at our side lah), thanks to our whistles and screams. I also kena 'electric' by few artists - Danny (I was holding his board), LYZ, Ah Du, Lam Yik Pong, even Nicholas from 988. The performances were great. Just that once in awhile there are annoying people spraying the 'snow flakes', it's freaking smelly and irritating.

Daniel was the last to perform in 2006 and LYZ was the first to perform in 2007 :D Oh yeah, while LYZ was singing, the pushing next to us became serious, LYZ stopped singing and advice those people behind not to push.
He asked : "Sui bu xing de qing ju sou" (Who cannot stand it anymore please raise your hands)
So me, SS and Fanny raised our hands. Well, the situation was so tensed, so we had to do something!
He saw and said, "Eh, ni men 2007 nian di yi tian jiu jiang pian hua le!" (Eh, first day of 2007 you all already telling lies!"
*Pengsan* Lum sei already.

Overall it was fun! Fun cuz kena 'electric' by the artists. Shall do it again this year end! If they are here for the celebration =)

3rd January - Went to BTS for Gary's Asia's Album Launch. We were allowed to stand in the fans zone, thanks to ML. The thing started at about 8pm. It began with him at a level higher, he stood on a metal frame and and the frame was hanged down (macam Superman coming down :D) So cool! His dressing is superb, singing also superb, interaction also fantastic! He sang 6 songs from his new album "Superman" - 3-7-20-1, Bei Pan, Bao Hu Ni, Wo De Tian Mi Mi, Liang Zhi Lian Ren and Superman! Haha, but I never buy his album, cuz I want to wait for his repacked album with the MVs inside =p

Gosh, time really pass by so quickly! It's already a new year, new things to do, new things to learn, hopefully good luck will come my way. And one last thing, I desperately need to lose some weight! Gosh... New year resolution - exercise >.<" CY and SS, every weekend we go swimming ok? Provided no events! Haha!

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chunyiun said...

Tu laaa.....told u dee...copy 1stbe clicking "publish"....Apala deyh..learn from the expert ok...

Btw hor..i think Gary's song is "Liang Zhi Lian Ren" laa....=P

p/s:saja nak buat kacau...kakaka