Thursday, January 25, 2007

Clarins? Clinique? Or Loreal?

I'm addicted to Danny's album... best! Track 1, 2, 3, 6 and 7 damn chun! Listening over and over again... I'm collecting all his articles that I can find. So if you have any articles on him please give me ya =D <3 <3

Class started already this week. Can say quite free. But can say NOT quite free also. Already have 3 projects in hand to do. And more to come >.<" Today we had a small 'test' for law... 15 questions just to test if we remember all the terms... I only can answer like 2 or 3. Shutz! Fail la fail la... Then we had 3 hours break so we went to Pyramid to buy present and had McD and BR ice cream. *drool* offer buy 1 free 1. Then Mr Wong KK was late for 1/2 hour. Me and KY went and find him, he's so blur, he don't even know where's the class, when I say left he turn right, when I say go down, he go up *pengsan* at the end of the class he forgot to take his thumb drive *aiyak* Then Mr Frederic never turn up for our class. We waited 1 hour for him. And KY and I had to go find him again. He didn't even know there's class. Ishhh...

I'm kinda
worried about my studies now... I'm very scared I'll fail... cuz once you fail one cluster means you fail... There's still dissertation to do... And training... Have to start thinking about training placement now already... Been chatting with KY and we're planning to go Hong Kong Disneyland for training haha... Yu dan ah yu dan... nai cha ah nai cha... poh loh pau ah poh loh pau... Haha... We plan to go Chim Tsa Tsui, Wong Kok, Tong Loh Wan, at night go Lan Kwai Fong... Imagine we only need to work 5 days a week... Haha! Crazy... but it's not impossible... Will ask Mr Wong KK next week about it. And dissertation will be interesting. :D

Sigh, don't know why, felt like today I've been ignored by a lot of people. Just don't know why I feel that way... Balasan guah... Anyway, just don't have the mood to talk to people... Feeling very emo the whole day. Just because of what he said... Well, I didn't post it on purpose... anyway, i deleted it straight away... Why do you sound like you're scolding me... I guess i think too much... but, arghh... just let it be...

Sometimes I wonder, are TRUE friends well... TRUE? I just don't know. I guess, what people say about no one understand you better except yourself. I guess I'm just sad because
what I want is not what they want... and they just can't possible follow what I want... Arghh... it's good to be alone sometimes... Arghh...

Gosh, pimples have been growing over my face... more and more... Shutz... I desperately need a new facial wash set ASAP... Anybody got good recommendation? As I don't quite believe all the brands now... Clinique? Loreal? Clarins? Clearasil? Himalaya? Estee Lauder? Leonard Drake? Ponds? Clean & Clear? Ginvera? Hellppppppp ~~~~~

Went on a shopping spree on Monday... Bought a lot of things... An army pants, 1 nike shirt, 1 work shirt, 1 casual dress, & few cds. I saw this lovely casual coat in JJ like the one Candy jie tried on last time we went Zara, but kinda tight. Arghh, i like it so much. Did you guys know that MBF mastercard is having a promotion now until April? When you spend using MBF card, if the approval code number ends with the digit '5' you can get cash credit of RM50 (non-merchant) / RM100 (mbf merchant) back... Haha, so lucky I got one... Quickly sms my aunt and she tag it for me :D The unlucky thing is, i lost my parking card in MV, and had to
pay RM20 penalty. Skcuf. Bad luck. Now new year's coming... so many things that I want to buy and do. I want Nike, Nike and more Nike! I saw 2 caps that I like, 1 jacket, few handbags, and shirts... *drooling* (though it's not food) I still want that 1986 shirt Daniel has... Ishh... Even my class Ivy Lee has it! Arghhh! Can't find it anymore. Feel like joining the gym to learn yoga and dancing, feel like learning back organ and guitar and flute, feel like working part time, feel like cooking and baking...

~ I wish that one day has more than 24 hours
~ I wish that things are not that complicated
~ I wish that I had more money
~ I wish that I can see you everyday
~ I wish we could be friends... but we'll never be... because somethings are impossible...
~ I wish that I have Nokia 7360 >.<" (so chun!)
~ I wish that I can go Hong Kong woo hoo!!!

* I love my family
* I love my friends
* I love my baby Angeli
* I love D.
* I love phood.
* I love everything about my life... (I'm trying to convince myself ok!)

Fi, Eve, Ying, Ivy, Edmund, Terence, Teng 4eva...
& of cuz Amanda, Kiat, FQ =D BDH20 rocks!

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