Thursday, January 11, 2007

Degree, here I come!!!

Thought that 3 weeks holiday is quite enough for me, but heck, no!!! It's already half gone and I did nothing during the holidays except sleep, online and lepak. The thought of getting a part time admin job during these 3 weeks has dropped from my brain to the heels of my legs - err, it means i'm so NOT gonna do it haha!

As usual, naggings came everyday - "You so free, go clean your room, go do some bakings, go wash your car, go bath the dog, go do your hair lah..... bla bla bla" Hellooo! Holidays are meant to relax! Laze around! Doing things that I want! (But I don't think I did any, except sleeping and online =p)

Parents came back from their holiday in Chiangmai on Tuesday, and they enjoyed it very much. I've always wanted to go holiday somewhere overseas with my friends... Of course with friends that really can shop, eager to walk around and explore... My biggest dream - have an 'expedition team' travelling the whole of Malaysia. Ho ho ho... that means lots of money needed... Guess that have to wait till I earn enough... Better start saving now!

Went for movies with SS yesterday. Wanted to watch "A Night At The Museum", then SS wanted to watch Kungfu Mahjong 3 as well, so we end up watching 2 movies! Haha. It's very very funny! I 100% recommend these two movies. If you're feeling down or sad, these two movies will definitely brighten up your day. =D

Will be starting my Degree at Taylor's on the 22nd. Heard from friends that it's more relaxing, but lots of researches to be done. Hopefully I can make it through. Just don't know what's got into me, I have no confidence in studying anymore. Dah lah not enough confidence previously, now worse. Well, took a long time to decide on studying here or abroad. Just received the Johnson & Wales University booklet via mail today. Perhaps I'll be going to US next year. Doing a double degree or something. Sigh, tough choice. Everybody looks forward in studying abroad, but not me. Surprising huh? Guess I cannot stand being alone in a foreign country, I'm gonna be so homesick i'll vomit. Haha! I'm scared... scared of the foreigners, scared I can't mix with the ang mohs, scared that I won't have friends there.

Everybody says no matter what, having an experience studying abroad is very good. No matter for your career in the future, for experience or whatsoever. Hopefully, studying locally can also be the same =S What if I really go abroad, and end up failing? What if I end up jobless? What if those people don't seem to like me? What if I like it there and never come back? (which is impossible) Pfft!

Oh well... let the time decides for me. Furthermore, I'll be spending two weeks in France. Will see how it goes before I decide my future. Gosh. I wish I could just get married and become a housewife >.<" Haha, what a joke right? But that's what I want. Just a simple life, doing what I like. I don't want big money, I don't want popularity, I don't want to stress up myself to get a high position. I just want to be myself. That's what everybody says for themselves I guess.

Sigh, *so confused*
Can YOU tell me what should I do? =D

Anywayz, guyz, live life to the max! Enjoy every single moment of life. You might be grumbling about what you have to do, but those are the things that makes life special and memorable.

Watched the press conference of Gary's new album launching, and I just love what he said:
"A lot of people said, 'I want to surpass myself, I want to reach my target." (shake his hand) Not for me. I just do my best. Why give myself so much pressure? I don't hurt other people. Instead, I'll think that, if I can help one person I'll help, if I can make myself happy one time, I'll make myself happy. Who knows where will I be next year? Who knows if I will have another album? Don't know. I just use whatever I can do, let more people hear what I speak, let more people hear what I sing, my voice, and what I want to say. This is what I want to do at this particular point."

"Music actually doesn't have to compare with other people. You can only compare to yourself, right? So, the reason I am more flexible for this album is that I never compare with other people. When I don't compare with other people, I'm not losing. I don't lose, so, what's there to be scared of? So I just do it. That's it. So simple."

~ whoever reads my blog, leave some comments ler... Want to know who you are... Kakaka~


Watch High School Musical today too! And it's also awesome! Love the storyline, love the songs too! Haha, of course I cried. If I didn't, that's not me.

Can't sleep (Woke up at 3pm yesterday =p). I messaged him yesterday, and I thought he will never reply. But he did! OMG, I just can't believe it. I asked him to take care. And he replied 'u too' Aww...

Craving for Kim Gary and Old Kopitiam's toasts right now. Shutz... And also tauhu sumbat. *drooling* Better go sleep now. Cheerios!


chunyiun said...

Yo!...i am onli interested in one thing..who is the 'him' u talking bout? I wanna knowwwwwww.....!

Ian said...

check , im here always :) dropping by ~

Shin Sar said...

Yo.... I know the 'him'... I know the 'him'...

and I'm searching for my 'him' too :D :D