Thursday, January 18, 2007

Insomnia, 2nd time

It's 6AM now...
And i'm blogging here while others are sleeping. Gosh, I can't sleep! Guess my sleeping time is overturned.
Teng, I got your disease! Shutz!

I watched , I finished my Shopaholics novel, I surfed the forum, I'm painting black nail polish, 'Yong Guong Chan Lan' is starting on My FM... And I still can't sleep. Oh no... Class is starting next week man!!!

Went for Danny's press conference on Monday. Hehe, managed to get some people to let me go =D but no goodie bag or free album though =( But it's ok, as long as i get to see him. =D He's nervous I can tell, sick but very happy. I'm happy for him too. And I just can't wait to get his album, and see him again. I'm gonna get him some gifts during the autograph session at Rock Corner MV on 4th Feb. <3 <3 <3 (I'm sure you guys are thinking I'm crazy or something)

*His cute poses for the reporters.

Today, went out with Swet Yee for dinner at Kim Gary Avenue K <3 Feel bad, promised to meet her for so long, but haven't find time to go find her. We've never met for 1 year. Then she suggested to go Taman Tasik Titiwangsa to see the Eye On Malaysia. Was at the traffic lights when the fireworks started. Argh... Awesome...
Park the car and walk towards the Eye. Fireworks continued. More awesome =D Thought there will be a long queue for the wheel, but not actually. And we went at the right time, just when the people are coming out. Can't remember how many rounds it went. 5 rounds i think. Nothing much being on top, first round was okay, then it got bored. It will be very chun if you sit up there when the fireworks are on. Wahh, that will be so awesome. Wouldn't mind going back for the fireworks, not the ride though hehe. RM15.

Then we walk back. Haha, was wondering why so many couples there in the dark =p Is it so nice having a stroll with your loved ones in a park like that? Heaven knows.

My stomach is growling now... hungry... It's 7am already... Sky getting bright... Mum's gonna kill me if she sees me awake... Better off the lights now... Good morning!!!!!!! Hehehe...

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Shin Sar said...

Er... sit up there in the Eye to watch the fireworks? >.<
I'll be shivering like mad up there.

Seriously, it's very nice waking hand in hand in the park, especially in th e dark. Uh, I miss that feeling :|