Sunday, January 28, 2007

Still in dreamland...

Went for Vick's mini showcase in Halo Cafe, Sunway Pyramid on Friday. I listened to Teng's cd and found that his songs are quite nice. ML came and fetch me at 5 plus and we head to Sunway Pyramid to shop awhile. CY joined us at 7.30pm and we had dinner at Secret Recipe. At 8.45pm we head to Halo Cafe. I was just joking about "VIP" seats, this Teng betul-betul go get seats which are very close to the stage >.<" He sang "Hui Lai/Kembali", "Cai Hong Tian Tang" and "Ling" from his album, and also "Ju Hua Tai" by Jay, "Ni Na Me Ai Ta" with Kevin Shu (a I wanna be model contestant), and a medley of "Hard Life", "Ti Oh Oh", "Ai Mei", "Shi Jie Wei Yi De Ni", "I Love You" and "I Believe I Can Fly". Awesome. :D I won Halo voucher and a poster through the Q&A session, thanks to Uncle Milo >.<" Kent from I Wanna Be Model, Dylan Leong from 8tv were also there. Cheryl (Xin Yi) was the emcee. When leaving, suddenly i heard someone called my full name. I turned and saw Ker Ying, Kennedy, Darren and Woan Jian. They came to yum cha. Haha. This is call 'fate' haha!

Yesterday went to Ipoh and Penang with two S, ah Sar and Szen. For what? Holiday lah! =D Nolar, go for Danny's
showcases. We were late to Ipoh because we stopped at Szen's aunty's house, plus we couldn't find the place where he is. We can hear the song 'Siapa' but don't know where. >.<" After we reach, Szen - being the tall one waved to him because with my 'positive height' I can't see where he is with a big crowd in front of me. He saw and waved at us and said "They are from KL. Pls give them an applause" (in Chinese). It' so worth it although we only saw like 5 minutes of him. Haha. Met Alison and her sis there. They were also there for Danny's showcase =D

Then we continued our journey to Penang. Reached about 7pm, we were suppose to wait for Aunty Swan at the Shell station near Jelutong but we went towards George Town instead. & we waited for them at Prangin Mall. Uncle IH lead us to check in at Evergreen then we head to Prangin in Aunty Swan's car. I felt so dizzy after going round and round up to the car park.
@_@ We quickly search for the stage. One guy, the promo crew I think, saw us and asked us "You all were in Ipoh right?" and showed us thumbs up. I joined the fan club and bought the cap. The emcee gave out a few Green Love poster but must answer question lah. He asked a few then I raise up my hand. He said "I will ask you a very difficult question. Wait ar." He went on and ask another girl. Then he turn to me and said "Okok, I will ask you a very difficult question." I was thinking : Hmpf, I sure can answer one heh! Then he asked: "What's this place called?" *terjatuh* Of cuz I got it. We waited until Danny come out. He say hi to everybody. And he sang "Love & Freedom". Then the emcee chat with him.

He saw us and said "You guys are from KL right? Xin ku ni men le (San fu sai). You all drove here? Drive safely ok? Don't "piu yi" ok? You guys not selling tau fu one." He cracked a lot of jokes, until I can't tahan anymore, I took out my sweat sign and show him. He saw and he
laughed, and said 'wah, good idea ya.' Then he sang "Wai Hor Siong Tai Dor". Then games session with 4 fans. And he ended the singing with "Siapa". <3

Then we went Swatow Lane for dinner and Aunty Swan fetch us back. We bathed, rest for awhile and went out to 'makan angin' and went to the Gurney Drive for 'supper'. I wanted my Yau Yu Ong Choi but finished. So we ate rojak instead. Yummy! Walk all the way back to the hotel and sleep. Somehow I really like the hotel bed. So nice to sleep on until I didn't want to wake up the next morning. Szen's cousin - Bin, brought us to breakfast - the famous prawn mee which I forgot what that road is called. Then we went back to the hotel and sleep again. Until 11.30am we pack everything, check out and went to Prangin Mall for shopping. Went Laconic of course. Then we bumped into HMay who's working in Vince & Co. So coincident right? But why I don't bump into Danny >.<"

After that, Bin came and fetch us at about 1.30pm and we head to Penang Road for lunch. We had assam laksa, ice kacang which has ice cream and jelly with sarsi sauce and char kuey teow. The char kuey teow is awesome! *drooling* Then Bin fetched us back to Prangin and we head home!!! Stopped by at Tapah to shh shh and buy fruits.

Overall, i so totally had fun in Ipoh and Penang. Although I was freaking exhausted running all the way up to K-Box at Ipoh Parade, but I had hell lot of fun. The trip is so worth it and I enjoyed myself very much. Szen and Sar, thanks for taking care of me and running up and down with me. Love you all loads and loads. Thanks Aunty Swan and Uncle IH for accompanying us to Danny's showcase. Danny must be really happy to see you both there hahaha! Thanks Szen's couzie for bringing us and belanja us makan. <3>

Chun sayang - Sadly you couldn't join us, but we really missed your presence =D 4th I shall let you do whatever you want <3


Shin Sar said...

Uh uh Sevvy gal. Thanks for asking me along. I had a sweet sweet weekend. Gosh, we can just do anything together! Yea, the hotel bed damn comfortable le!!

Eh, you sure you wanna let CY do anything she wants? You better keep an eye on her :D Joking :P

CY - we really missed you when we were up north. Though we won't be able to sleep that well if you were there (:P), we'll have more and more and more fun together.

-The 4S World- ;P

chunyiun said...

Hmmph Hmmph!!!....merajukkkk....I was dying in KL. while u guys were having fun in Penang!!...Hmmph!!...Arghhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

Eebeelinny said...

SS - Let her lah... haha... hug ker, kiss ker, whatever she wants hahaha! (As if she dare =p)

CY - Don't merajuk la... already let you do anything u want lor... Next time lor ok? :D

yewsan said...

Waiseh, semua betul betul still in DREAMLAND!! wake up la. ;P
I must say, it was really really tiring driving up and down, and running/walking here and there. But i enjoyed every second of it...
And Danny had made the jour.ney a more wonderful wan... hahhahah

Eh, 4th me not around ok. CY behave ya. hahahhahah Come to think of it, we really do miss u lotsa when we were in the north.

Love you all.......... nwaks!