Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Singapore Nov'08

Didn't shop much, but ate a lot. Like, eat at one place, take a bus to another place and eat again, then after walking 15 minutes eat again. I can see the fats growing under my skin. Not i tam jiak lor, is my uncle keep introducing all the good food in Singapore lor. Macam shooting 'ho chiak in Singapore' konon. Ish.

Well, shall not talk much, just see the pics enough lah. Can't shop in Singapore because the exchange rate is not cheap.

What does the cloud looks like?

Xmas deco is everywhere!

A yong tao foo shop in 'Zhen Zhu Fang 珍珠坊' at Chinatown. People queue up one leh! But I don't see anything special. $3.50 per bowl leh! KNS. No noodles one somemore. Just tofu pieces and fish balls only.

First time see people make popiah skin. Chinatown.

Fancy some desserts? Chinatown.

Walnut broth 杏仁糊

Ya Kun kaya toast. Chinatown

The building is cute

Clarke Quay

If I can name my shop 'Rumours' I can name my shop 'Anything'

Fancy a drink in the Clinic? My mum goes *choi!!!* Clarke Quay

You will be 'bedridden' and 'wheelchair bound' *touch wood man*

Holland Drive. Reminds me of Bangsar.

Mellben Seafood at Toa Payoh Lrg 8. Crab Noodles. Similar to claypot fish head noodles here but using crab instead.

$2 laksa @ Jalan Besar. And the funny thing is, no chopstick given. You only feed yourself with the spoon.

Little India

Am I in two places at one time? Or am I at none at all?

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