Sunday, November 16, 2008

Bro's Bday Party 08

This post is like super delayed, well, didn't have the right mood at the right time to post this up.

Bro's birthday was 1st Nov, he mentioned about wanting to have a party like 3 days before his birthday, we were like, how the hell to do so last minute. He wanted to do it at the barbeque area at the condo we used to stay in, unfortunately it was booked for some Halloween party so his party had to be postponed one week later.

Invited some family members over and also bro's own friends in school and church. Total of about 60 people.

My first time attempt making baguettes or French loaf. It was heavenly when it came out right from the oven. Crusty and soft inside. Yum. It definitely taste better on the day it was baked. Not bad for a first try :) But the look of it is totally out la.

Grissini sticks or bread sticks. It was good but should put more herbs. First time making too.

Bread rolls. Soft soft soft! But doesn't look nice due to uneven baking. Some became too brown.

Tomato bruschetta. Using the baguette I made.

Uncle's chee cheong fun. Yum yum.

My fave satay stall's satay. Lamb satay anyone?

My fave noodle dish in the whole wide world. Dad's fried 'chopstick' noodles. Yes, my dad cooks, not my mum.

Also served was some crudites, potato salad, mashed potato, barbeque items - lamb chops, pork sausages, home marinated chicken wings. Banana as dessert (hohoho, no prep required, self service pluck and peel), and drinks were a cordial mixed by yours truly (recipe by Szen) which everyone liked, now we call it the taokei drink but didn't bought enough soft drinks to mix :p, coke and beer.

And the main character of the night...

Ta daa...

*applause applause*

Nice hor nice hor? Suddenly so proud of myself for coming up with the idea of the cake design. Bro shares the party with another friend named Julian, so double J. (I wanted to get a double heart cake for them actually, make them look gay, lalala)

I love preparing for parties, I don't mind cooking, but never ask me to clean. Four things you'll get scared of before and after the party ended.

1. The equipment and tools you need to use, transport and carry, especially when the party is not at your own house.

2. You need to 'tan' yourself at the barbeque pit to serve others. Fortunately this year there were other hands to help *thanks*

3. Cleaning

4. Stuffing yourself with the leftover food for the whole week after. *shivers*


sunset2712 said...

one word.... HEBAT@!!!

Eve Lynn said...

LH: Not as hebat as you lor... I think you all practically cook things like this like almost everyday, haha!